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2018 Horoscope by Laura Richmond

by Art Greene January 05, 2018

2018 Horoscope by Laura Richmond

2018 Astrology

Aries March 21st - April 19th:  Your astrology sign is represented by the mighty Ram. Known for your fortitude and perseverance, 2018 offers you the opportunity to use both of these character traits to achieve your goals. This covers love, family, friends and career. Anywhere your magical touch can reach Aries, apply it! I know it may sound like more hard work, but I promise it will not feel the same as the last few years - because you are different - and dare I say, more enlightened and aware of your own intentions, accompanied by a more compassionate overview of life and your community. How nice! And since you have been trying hard to rise to these universal challenges by placing your best thoughts, words and actions forward, the universe says bravo and wants to deliver its reward for your good works in 2018.

Taurus April 20th - May 20th: Over the last few years, your astrology sign has been striving to blend the spiritual with your ability to make the gold coin. Many of you have made radical career and life changes in your pursuit. It has not been easy but you have been experiencing bits of movement forward over the last year or so. The good news is 2018 heralds in a time for you to truly enjoy tangible results for your labors. This groovy vibe puts a friendly and comforting bear hug around all aspects of your life; so no holding back! If you are a Taurus who wants to roll the universal dice to see what other opportunities can be had, 2018 is your year as well. Just as the seasons pass, the next harvest needs to be prepared. Visually yourself as a young Johnny Appleseed planting love, motivation and innovation throughout the year. A  Taurus knows when they planet an idea with their Mother Earth, something enchanting happens!

Gemini May 22nd - June 21st: Like a good sauce, Gemini's plans have been simmering for awhile. You have been adding a pinch of this or that enlightenment or acknowledgement all in the hopes of producing a well rounded, robust and enjoyable result. Time to take yourself off the back burner and serve up the tasty treats you have been cooking up for your life for so long Gemini. 2018 sets the table for your success and I encourage you to eat heartily from this universal banquet! Recently many Gemini's have been allowing others to decide what you will eat, do or go, this might have satisfied one side of the Gemini Twins, but your other half is waking up hungry for what is theirs. And a lot is yours! With the precision of a party planner, you have been setting things in place for the big day. All of this within a backdrop of other people demanding you do what they want. I poise this question for your 2018 - what do you want Gemini? Now, go get it!

Cancer June 21st - July 22nd: ' The pace of the leader is the pace of the group' will be a mantra that could serve the Moon child well in 2018. Your astrology sign can often let others be the pilot of your life but 2018 is asking for you to be in charge. You will not regret this decision because part of this year's astrological  insight is to ask - how much do you respect and value you? This can be especially true in your understanding regarding relationships and career. If either or both of these life areas is in need of your personal direction to achieve your desired outcome, I suggest you take the reins and start feeling your power. This year brings several opportunities to capitalize on your creativity to attract business, as well as new love. If any part of your life needs a refresh so you can carry on in a new way, kick your creativity up a notch to see different results from stagnant situations. Like a good writer, the more you can define what makes you genuinely happy in 2018, the better the universe can deliver its goodies to you!

Leo July 23rd - August 22nd: Your astrology sign is ruled by the Sun and you have been waiting patiently for a new day to dawn. Get ready my dear Leo that day has arrived and the Sun is going to rise around you. Use this sunshine to allow some fresh air to enter your thoughts and warmth for your heart. This is long overdue! And your astrological revival could not have been better planned because you are ready to grab the gold ring and get off the revolving merry-go-round your life has been on. There  are a couple of aspects this year that position you to achieve in all areas of your life but 2018 offers a red hot time to take your career and financial aspirations to the next level. This generous universal spirit extends to your love life and friendships too. If you have been looking for people to respect and value you more and for you to feel the same about the people who are in your life, 2018 is set to start to fulfill your long held dreams. Wish big Leo, it all can be yours!

Virgo  August 23rd to September 24th: In Tarot your astrology sign is often represented by the Queen of Swords; a woman who can be bitchy in her quest for perfection. She requires this ideal of herself and in turn others. She adds to this discomfort by aiming her mighty sword towards her thoughts, making her rigid and unmoving. You get to break free of this proverbial strangle hold on your mindset in 2018. It is time for a fresh attitude and possibly love. When a Virgo starts to change their internal conversation, a beautiful garden can reappear after a time when your landscape was overridden with the weeds of negativity. Rightly so, the last few years have been a dozy for Earth signs, but you are bouncing back. I know you can feel this universal change, believe Virgo! No more looking over your shoulder for the past to misstep your future. The tough stuff that has lead you here is over! Go pursue the love, family and career you have been visualizing because you can make it happen in 2018.

Libra September 23 to October 22nd: A spiritual awakening has been taking place for your astrology sign over the last few years. While some of it has felt like an emotional upheaval, it was all meant for your benefit and to lead you into 2018 where you can start to launch your ideas. If you have planning on career or home moves, this year offers you nice opportunities; this is especially true beginning in May. If you need more time to put towards your studies to achieve your goals or certifications, this year helps too. Love is also due to take a 180 and start to feel  like it is a friend again. Your sign is ruled by the planet of romance, Venus, so you will always have lessons that relate to the heart. This past time of testing has made you realize a few things, most importantly what can make your heart sing again with joy, excitement and adventure. You have had only a small taste of what is truly possible in your life. Therefore I ask Libra, will you seek out a bigger bite in 2018?   

Scorpio October 23rd to November 22nd: If you are starting to feel a little rev to your engines again Scorpio, trust this. Your energy level has been slowly warming up so you and your plans can be thrown into gear and start moving forward. And you are ready, trust this as well! I know the last few years have been much deeper than anyone around you would fully realize. The universal hit was intense but this period of your life needs to be placed in your rear view. The first part of 2018 will provide a great deal of oomph to implement your long strategized plans as well as a feeling of freedom from fear. This is how a Scorpio is supposed to function and you get a chance to reconnect to the fearless old you. Regardless of your ethnicity, 2018 can make you feel like you have a bit of Irish luck, that will touch every aspect of your life. If you embrace this time of potential my friend, you can not only grow your pocketbook but your heart and spirit as well.

Sagittarius November 23rd to December 21st: Breathe my dear Centurion. The past is fully behind you along with the string of challenges, emotional dramas and overall universal tests. Whew! 2018 is going to be fresh air after a long period of feeling  dormant in key areas of your life. Creatively, financially and spiritually were especially highlighted. In astrology and Tarot, your astrology sign is known as the healer, the teacher and the priest. You help manifest God's desire for good in material ways to help others heal and better themselves. Pretty lofty ideals but I bet after the testing you experienced, you could now see yourself fulfilling this exalted state. Imagine yourself as cookie dough before you embarked on this knowledge quest. You might be sweet and tempting but you are better served to others after you have baked a bit. It brings out the best in you and others can trust what you will dish out. 2018 brings a time for you to enjoy the treats from this time under the heat. Your career, love and family life will feel renewed. How nice you will too!

Capricorn December 22nd to January 19th: Capricorn's received an early birthday gift for 2018. Your ruler, the magnificent task master of planets, Saturn is returning to its home sign of Capricorn. This is big news for all Sea Goats! When Saturn visits with others astrology signs you can count on a trying and testing time to follow but when a planet of this importance returns home - like any of us - we can feel awfully cozy and ready to settle in. This reunion will give you a sense of ease and as if you are in your own skin again. And get ready to get on friendly terms with your finances Capricorn. In May, good luck and fortune move into a favorable positions to help you reap the rewards  you have long been planning for. I am not done! This good vibration extends to love and family too. Your astrology sign may be a tough nut to crack with regards to the lessons learned but you always receive a sweet reward for your efforts - 2018 brings such delights.

Aquarius January 20th - February 18th: Aquarius loves freedom and will go to great lengths to make sure they have the ability to do as they please, when they please. Your are unique individuals in the zodiac. Whether it is an idea or love you bring a youthful approach to any adventure. In 2018, this attitude pays off - all I need you to do is step forward to meet these new changes.  The last few years have even dampened the usually resilient Aquarius spirit, but no worries as this new year brings fresh opportunities for your career, finances and love. If any or all of those areas need a reboot, start to explore ways to make changes to take advantage of what 2018 will bring your way. Your astrology sign is also known for your keen ability to see the future for humanity. Fine tune your eyesight to visualize the potential you see for yourself and then go make it happen this year - the universe wants to help!

Pisces February 19th - March 20th: In the famous 'Wizard of Oz', the story's heroine, Dorothy makes her way from a tornado thrown home, to find she has entered a new and colorful new land. She then encounters strange little munchkins and a dead witch her house has just squashed. All this drama culminates with a flying fairy witch who informs Dorothy her journey has only just begun! This is what the last few years have been like for your astrology sign Pisces; but like Dorothy, I want you to be brave enough to place your ruby shoed foot forward onto the yellow brick road of 2018. And like Dorothy who realizes her good friends would appear to help guide her along the way, the same can be said of you! You have been learning a lot about people over these last few years and this year you get to decide who stays and who goes. This approach applies to friends, family and work too. The only sign posts the universe wants you to follow in 2018 is your heart. So much time has been spent in your head, you can proverbially feel like a tornado has hit, but this time is over - and like Dorothy - you have started to kill off the 'bad witches' in your life.

Art Greene
Art Greene