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Angelscope September 2018 by Laura Richmond

by Nicole Maiorano August 31, 2018

Angelscope September 2018 by Laura Richmond

ARIES (The Bold Ram) March 21st-April 19th:

This month the Universe is here to support the hard work you’ve put into your life this past year and showcase your signature style on everything you touch, especially since being given a fresh start from the Zodiac Gods to put your life on a new pathway in early May.  This is the month to pronounce your desire to embrace the present and not only wish there was a time when you felt “no regrets” but know for certain that you are on the correct pathway in life, one that “you’ve chosen”.  Do not question yourself with themes such as, “should I have done it differently”, as the Angel of Tranquility is saying to release all inhibitions and worries to cosmos, and “live and let live”.



TAURUS (The Determined Bull) April 20th-May 20th:

August was the month to strengthen relationships and most found that relationships blossomed and special kindred connections were made with others.  But it was hard not to notice that not all relationships bloomed for Taureans.  September begins on a note where you have unearthed your true feelings about a certain person(s) in your life, perhaps someone that you shared a “required friendship with” but someone that has also tested your last nerve.  Taureans might even feel a need for concern because of the direction the relationship is going, but rest at ease, knowing that Taureans are serenely protected by the Angels of Safety and Guidance, and all the signs that you are receiving are to listen to your inner intuitions and allow yourself to be guided from above. 



GEMINI (The Quick -Thinking Twins) May 21st-June 20th:

Craving a release from the day to day busyness of life and hoping for more clarity into a situation that would allow it to move forward a lot faster, the natural world is beckoning Geminis to slow down and reflect.  To get a better sense of your true feelings about a situation, one that you’ve invested your time and heart into, Geminis are urged to be completely honest with themselves and if they truly want this to realize that delays or misunderstandings are strong now and patience is key.  Fortunately, Your Angel of Sociability is strong too and wants Geminis to know that they shine in the eyes of others and they relish your friendship and forming friendships are important to Geminis too and friends can easily be called upon for support in September.





CANCER (The Sensitive Crab) June 21st-July 22nd:

Cancerans were compelled to find solutions to old problems in August and many were left uplifted but exhausted by the whole process but lo and behold, the good news that arrived last month does not stop here, as those born under this sign will most definitely notice all the positive changes occurring around them daily.  The key for strong desires to become a tangible reality is to persevere, don’t stop now, this is the time to visualize how a beautiful future looks and allow it to manifest.  Thoughts are powerful and the Angel of Celebration is here to say, “dream it and be it”.  Don’t allow petty jealousy from others cloud your career success this month…September is your lucky month!



LEO (The Generous Lion) July 23rd-August 22nd:

The Angels are rejoicing for those born under the sign of Leo this month as the balance of harmony that exists is strong and here to stay.  Having the Gods bless your sign with peace and inner balance is a truly wonderful gift to receive because the stress and hardships of living life on planet earth can be demanding and can create disharmony within oneself, unleashing havoc amongst relationships.  Your angels are here to assist with any conflict that is happening in the home or workplace and help strengthen and reassure that the outcome will be resolved and positive.  Consider your emotional needs now and allow the angels to bring some much needed and promised harmony into your life.



VIRGO (The Discerning Virgin) August 23rd-September 22nd:

Virgos are always striving for perfection and this month is no different.  September is an excellent month to see a breakthrough related to career and new opportunities, please use this time wisely as you have a profound effect on people this month, as communication is strong and highlighted.  The Universe of Angels is suggesting that Virgos have a surreal impact on others this month and the power of healing is within.  Not only is this an excellent time to clear out the mind and body for oneself, but to be of assistance to those ailing or in need is profound in September and can lead to new allies that will catapult Virgos to higher levels of success and happiness.







LIBRA (The Peaceful Scales) September 23rd-October 22nd:

The colors of the Angels of Spiritual Timing are divine for Libras this month, your personal angel is walking side by side with Librans to allow their dreams to come to fruition.  Spiritual Timing is the pivotal moment that everything falls into place but remember that not all details need to be at augmented and completed for happiness to occur, as the journey is half the fun.  Try to bear in mind that the Universe does not tick to the tock of our clocks but to its own power and know that your angels are working fervently on each step to ensure the success that you have envisioned is at your fingertips.  Never lose your faith in your angel as “everything happens in due time”.



SCORPIO (The Perceptive Scorpion) October 23rd-November 21st:

Your Angel of Richness is all about family and children and a sense of security.  There may be times during the month that attention from others is focused elsewhere and this may cause feelings of isolation and abandonment, instilling a false sense of paranoia.  These types of feelings may cause a tendency to withdraw from others during the first half of the month, perhaps there is need for deep solace to tap into your fears or impatience about a situation.  Take this time to meditate and balance your chakras.  Please know that heartwarming news is in the not-too-distant future and coming your way, thus banishing any negative perceptions you may hold about another person(s).



SAGITTARIUS (The Far- Seeing Archer) November 22nd-December 21st:

Your powerful and strong this month and others are amazed at your fortitude and tenacity.  Sagittarians have been the beacon of strength for family members and others have come to depend upon their wisdom and guidance.  Sagittarians will most always underestimate their true value when serving others and will find it hard to sit still and not get involved during the month of September; the Angels of the Universe are encouraging Sagittarians to “go with the flow” and enjoy all the wonderful planetary support for sharpening your intuition and confidence in yourself, to defeat any obstacles you may encounter, on your pathway to a higher degree of spiritual being.







CAPRICORN (The Ambitious Goat) December 22nd-January 19th:

The Universe of Finance is working behind the scenes to reassure Capricorns that there may be slowdowns related to completing a coveted project but that the project is still proceeding ahead.  Your Angel of Patience is aware that there is a sense of importance placed upon this project but is here to remind Capricorns that September is a month to allow the journey to unfold at its own pace, as this month is for observing and processing opposed to taking any new dealings.  Tame any unsettled feelings or resentment due to the timing of this project and instead look to the future where a positive outcome awaits. 



AQUARIUS (The Worldly Water-Bearer) January 20th-February 18th:

The desire to start fresh is on the minds of many Aquarians this month of September.  The Angel of Travel is highlighted and there is strong support for a safe move to a new location or living quarters and its best to start to strategize and plan -ahead because the results could be a positive move for Aquarians.  Spirituality is an important part of Aquarian’s newfound pathway and awareness into connecting with a higher plane of psychic abilities is on the mind. The desire to learn new approaches to connect with spiritual premonitions is strongly encouraged by the Angels this month.



PISCES (The Dreamy Fishes) February 19th-March 20th:

Pisceans are getting a clearer sense of their desires and needs and who their real friends are as the year progresses, realizing that some situations cannot be changed but Pisceans have the full support of others in their time of need.  September is a magical time to embrace spiritual talents, have fun and make money all at the same time. Piscean’s Career Angels are here to help manifest any daydreams into a reality, so be careful what you wish for, as there is much power here.  Having resolved many family issues to help restore balance Pisceans can now turn their sights on their own personal professional goals with much help from their strongest ally, their Guardian Angel.  


Nicole Maiorano
Nicole Maiorano