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April 2018 Horoscope by Laura Richmond

by Nicole Maiorano April 03, 2018

April 2018 Horoscope by Laura Richmond

April Horoscopes

Aries March 21-April 19: Aries are a prideful bunch and need to make decisions their way and on their time table. April brings the opportunity to take a breath and have the space to feel out what you need to do next. Feeling is the keyword. Clear your mind with a spa treatment or purchase the necessary goodies to provide a meditative space for you to explore your dearest held dreams. Even if a plan is not fully formulated your gift is to use your heart as your compass.  You need to be honest with yourself and what will truly make your spirit happy because you have the chance to have it all. This relates to love, family and work. The powerful Ram has experienced a last few years that even tempered their strong energy but a new day is dawning and it is rising around you Aries.


Taurus April 20 – May 20: Taurus has faced some of their toughest encounters over the last few years. It was a juggle between knowing their self-worth was not tied to their business achievements while figuring out how to blend their spirit with their ability to make the gold coin. A tough lesson as this is the domain of Taurus. Lots of relationships, friendships and partnerships were left behind. Changing careers was also part of this mix. You needed to be challenged or even better, universally kicked in the butt so you undertook a new direction Taurus. Painful processes that will start to reap its rewards but first you need to catch your breath. It is time to focus on you. Signing up for a yoga class, treating yourself to a favorite dinner locale or purchasing an outfit that caught your eye – all have a green light to pursue in April.


Gemini May 21 – June 20: Gemini gets a chance to achieve an exalted state in April. Book a short trip away to stay rested as well as a spin class to exert the extra energy you will be feeling. The element for Gemini is air which can create an internal balancing act of advancing your career goals with a carefree attitude towards the minor irritations of life this month. The planet Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and our communication, will be encouraging you to speak up but the caveat is you need to make it your best words of support and not criticism. You can not only move forward on many fronts this month but if you take care with your thoughts and words you will work magic with those around you.


Cancer June 21–July 22: Cancer is ruled by the Moon and like its phases; your emotions and feelings towards other can be big and full and at other times, you have only a slim sliver to share. This will be especially true in April. That is alright because you can spend some of your time taking in the early flowers at your local park while catching up on your best online shopping sites. When you need the down time to recharge, take it or the legendary crab side of you could emerge. Your family and friends understand - they rather have a happy you. Do not worry, there will be lots of energy to move your career forward. You will have to play nice here as well to receive the best benefits. No problems for Cancer, the zodiac sign known for their humor and generous spirit who can make anyone feel welcome.


Leo July 23–August 22: Leo has had a busy last few months spiffing up themselves and their surroundings and in April a long overdue rest takes place. Like a big cat stretching out for a nap under the mid-day sun, you need to catch some rays as well. Choose a hot spot destination and book your stay. No need for a heavy duty sightseeing schedule. All you will need is a chez lounge by the waters edge and a cocktail to your lips. Shopping is as rejuvenating as catching some zzz’s to a Leo. Find a few items for Spring that match the new physical you and then go strut your stuff because April is an excellent month to rekindle a relationship or to find a new love.


Virgo August 23–September 22: Virgo has been on the roller coaster of love, with all its highs and low dips for a bit now. While exhilarating, there has been a nervous nail biter feeling throughout the ride because you are unsure where the next turn will take you. Now the coaster cab gets to choose its own destination based on the value and respect you have for yourself. Many of you have seen emotional hurts from past relationships and do not want to encounter them again. Understandable and why you are being given a chance to decide for yourself Virgo. Do not be fearful to get off the track you are currently on. You have the equivalent to an all-day pass at the Six Flags of love and your journey to fun has only begun but you need to know which amusements are not for you. Catch your balance by spending a day getting a manicure and a hair redo. Check out and buy some new tunes to get you into your groove again.


Libra September 23–October 22 Libra has had a difficult balancing act of late. You are sincerely trying to accommodate the responsibilities of advancing your careers with an overwhelming desire to take it easy and most importantly to not stress.  The last part of that sentence could be hard to achieve if you do not acknowledge you have this internal fight taking place. Part of the situation lies in what will make your spirit happy verses what you think should be in your wallet of accomplishments and pay. Expectations, schedules and obligations can wear a Libra down. After all, you are ruled by Venus and want to represent love if only you could remove those lingering keywords from your life. April brings you the opportunity to adjust the scales but first you need to get your body moving with a daily workout to give your brain the energy it needs to figure it all out.


Scorpio October 23–November 21: Scorpio’s two favorite words are love and sex and they both continue to get served in April. The romance zone of your astrology chart is heating up. This is magical fairy dust to a Scorpio and making you look extra special to everyone in April. Take advantage of social and work gatherings. Lead the way in planning a get together at a new watering hole. April also opens the door to a time for enlightenment – another area your astrology sign rules. Treat yourself to spiritual self- awareness books. Run an online astrology chart to learn what makes you tic. Digging deep to unearth secrets of our desires, motivations and intentions is what turns a Scorpio on. Point this attention to yourself to get the most of this April’s energies.


Sagittarius November 22–December 21: Sagittarius continues the trend towards putting down roots. In April this feeling is also aimed towards your work place. This all can be hard on a Sag as your instinct is to continually be on the run but your spirit is encouraging you to look at all options. This blending will keep up through most of 2018. It is all meant for you to become more aware and enlightened to how you can make your dreams come true in a material way. First stop in helping is for you to take a break to get your thoughts in order. Enjoy a round of golf, a makeup makeover or take a short trip to the country side - whatever makes you feel relaxed. Then all you need to do is listen to your heart. It is time to open this muscle up to those you love and your mind to all of your potential.


Capricorn December 22–January 19: Capricorn always has the hard tasks of life it is part of having Saturn as your ruler. But where you have challenges is where you will reap your rewards. This approach is touching all aspects of your life; family, children, friends and work. Some of these may even need to go by the wayside throughout the year if you decide it is time. This is the diamond within the tough lessons, you get to choose! Capricorn is an Earth sign. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a mansion a Capricorn’s home always benefits from bringing a little of the outside in. A mini herb garden or forced flowerings such as daffodils and paper whites become visuals for the bountiful and beautiful growth you can experience this spring.


Aquarius January 20–February 18: Aquarius can feel a bit touchy this month. Even more so than the perpetual state of irritation that is usually part of your everyday. What can seem like a negative to others, an Aquarian uses this type of energy to spurn their innovation and creativity to solve the problems that make them upset. Get ready to put your famous brain power to clean out the frustrations that hold back the love in your life. Never one to be ultimately mushy, letting those you care about know how you feel will further bond those relationship and empower you. Aquarius is usually a fabulous artist. Fill in a blank card with romance. Purchase those art supplies so you can gift your love with a sketch, painting or photograph you produced. Work to fix any issues. April represents a time of renewal and it brings the same to you this month in the area of the heart.


Pisces February 19–March 20: Pisces has been experiencing fantastic love influences these last few months, but the career front has been a series of stops and starts. Some of the cash restrictions that have been an issue related to your work should ease up in April giving you a chance to take a much needed moment of rest and relaxation. This is all happening because the planet Venus, ruler of the other important word beginning with the letter R, romance is passing through your sector of income. This combo brings a special feeling to all of your business dealings. People respond to Pisces with their dreamy, empathetic way by easily saying yes by buying their products and services. But before all that selling begins you need a whisk away to a water or spiritual location. Either will have you feeling rejuvenated with a ready to go attitude!


Nicole Maiorano
Nicole Maiorano