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April 2019 Angelscope by Laura Richmond

by Nicole Maiorano April 06, 2019

April 2019 Angelscope by Laura Richmond

ARIES (March 21st-April 19th) Fire (Spiritual/Creative Will): With the constant stop and go your career efforts have experienced over the last several months – April will start to feel like open road to your accomplishments. While the limbo may have been frustrating, it also provided you the time to map out what you truly want to do next. Sometimes we can only reach certain conclusions by traveling with the journey and experimenting with different ideas. We cannot know any other way. As a Tarot reader the lessons of the cards often point out – knowing what you want out of life is important but knowing what you do not want can be equally key to delivering joy. Archangel Gabriel is encouraging you to use part of April to express your feelings through writing or other creative means. Not only to give voice to your inner thoughts but for business proposals and love letters – all get a boost from Gabriel’s energy of communication. Even though career ambitions are on the rise, do not miss out on celebrating your birthday. April is a wonderful month to raise a glass with loved ones and celebrate!


TAURUS (April 20th-May 20th) Earth (Physical): As an astrology sign often associated with teaching and healing, it is not surprising you have been focused on the inner journey of your enlightenment these last few months – never a wasted exercise for a Taurus. Out of this experience, many Taurus have been toying with entrepreneurial endeavors – give these thoughts the space to grow. Like the season of Spring, it is time to plant your ideas for future growth. Archangel Uriel is heralding a time where brilliance can appear and shine through your efforts. This is big deal stuff – and Taurus have been waiting patiently for their big deal stuff to appear. To make this moment doubly special, this is an answered pray for many a bull. Add a wild cherry to this yummy sundae of life, because the atmosphere changes to one of fun and finally a chance to catch your breath. Purchase your party hats Taurus and get ready to ring in the new day that is dawning around you.

GEMINI (May 21st – June 20th) Air (Mental): In April, Gemini is being asked to continue the delicate balance of career aspirations and family obligations. It has not been easy for your sign in either of these areas, with high and lows with regards to both. This all has taken place along with a backdrop of serious issues you have been trying to come to terms with. If I can ask a little bit more of you, I think you will start to see the proverbial light towards the end of your long, and often, scary tunnel. The wild thing about my corny analogy is the wisdom you have garnered by not shirking away and hiding from painful encounters. You have grown into a new you and it is this newly discovered confidence that lights your way forward. Bravo! Now let’s go do something with this powerful astrology moment Gemini! Archangel Raziel is encouraging you to build on the clairvoyance ability you have realized during this time. Explore ways to enhance this talent – not only will you help others and develop stronger connections with loved ones, you could even turn it into a source of revenue if you desired.


CANCER (June 21st-July 22nd) Water (Emotional):  There has been many reasons to rejoice over the last six months Cancer, along with moments that took your breath away – and not in a good way. You can tell the emotional dramas that flared up during this time are starting to disappear; in part because your attention is needed in new directions. This is especially true for career aspirations and for socializing! You haven’t felt like getting out there much but this all starts to change in April – and what an ideal time for the Moon Child to reappear on the social scene. Everyone has missed you! Cancer are master party hosts, knowing just the right word or touch a guest needs to feel comfortable and welcome. Look at your calendar and see where a small or even large gathering can come together with you in the lead. Mix business and pleasure when it comes to the guest list if you can or arrange two shindigs to accommodate the diversity. The reason I mention all this is because your professional and social lives are equally poised to take off in April! Archangel Michael has a simple but powerful message for you – remember who you are! You are magic Cancer and you are about to create some in April!


LEO (July 23rd – August 22nd) Fire (Spiritual/ Creative Will): As the old saying goes, ‘I have some Good News and Bad News’ There is two bits of good news in April. You have a great deal of activity on the socializing front while also experiencing a robust pocketbook. The downside is you just need to watch your wallet as the expenses may outpace the income. No stress or dampening of the long overdue good time you are ready to have with friends, co-workers and family because you more than know how to handle this and your checkbook! Love is also on the menu in April. Single – keep an eye out for that tall dark, stranger. Married or committed, you are ready to bring the sizzle back! You are not only feeling good but feel like you are looking good – and you are! You also have been a good egg through the difficulties. Archangel Raphael has a reward for you. Surrender any left-over worries, fears or anxieties, he will take this weight from you. Go get your bounty Leo; the planets and the Angels want to ensure you have a grand time in April.


VIRGO (August 23rd -September 22nd) Earth (Physical): In April you will be presented with a unique gift Virgo. I have often written how your sign is associated with the lessons of the heart. As your astrology glyph suggests, you are the Virgin Maiden and this lady must learn how to survive in the outside world, even when they may want to retreat into their own imaginary minds after an emotional wound. The last few years have included lots of these lessons but a new time has arrived and I want you to welcome it in! The special announcement that all is well comes from Archangel Jeremiel. He encourages you to release all worries and cares to him – so you can joyously step forth to your next adventure; and it includes, love and the gold coin appearing in your life again. But the real reward comes from the strong attachment and understanding you are having regarding your intuition and psychic ability. Many would not think a Virgo; an Earth sign element would have such talents but you do have them and their roots go back as long as we have been walking her surface. I write all this because something cool is happening for Virgo. If you have been thinking about pursuing spiritual studies this is a great time to schedule your classes. This is powerful stuff - where we can see things and make them materialize. So, if it is more money, a better relationship, interesting career, whatever you dream, Virgo just do so with good intentions and leave the rest to the angels!


LIBRA (September 23rd-October 22nd) Air (Mental): You have been hankering to get on your own for a bit now Libra. Whether it is moving your home or career, you want to explore different options to see where you would like to settle. Some Libra’s experienced finances that were a bit if a drag on your mental and physical health and April gives you the opportunity to relax. As the month moves forward, you should start to see money starting to flow again providing the space to regroup and plan your next steps. If you have been thinking and researching about purchasing property, the April astrology outlook favors such moves. Single Libra’s also get a boost from the planets. If you are looking to combine a lover and work, which Libra often do, this month holds something special if you want to try. Archangel Metatron has a special mission in helping to open your chakras and remove spiritual toxins. When he is at work with us, we can feel renewed like Spring after a long winter.


SCORPIO (October 23rd- November 21st) Water (Emotional): Scorpio has been dealing with a lot of clean up lately – some of it long past due to go by the wayside. But such is Scorpio, the kind and empathic sign of the zodiac, until you do them dirty. It is hard to realize people we love or thought we could trust have turned out to be not so cool after all. This is always a tough lesson but one you have had to encounter so you can truly value and respect yourself first. You have started to find your business voice too. And while the rough encounters seemed unpleasant at the time, they are over and you are now much stronger than before. How great is all that! In April, you get to look forward to career opportunities that are aligned with the vision and people you want in your life, not because you must be tolerated or endure their presence, but because you truly are enjoying yourself and their creativity and how it influences you in a positive way. The guidance of Archangel Zadkiel says it’s time to celebrate this new you with the people you have learned are like minded in the head, heart and spirit as you and your April will be grand!


SAGITTARIUS (November 22nd-December 21st) Fire (Spiritual/Creative Will): The planet of Jupiter is known in astrology for its good luck and the abundance it can provide in the area of our life where its influence touches – and this big planet has started to settle into the sign of Sagittarius – how lucky for the healer of the zodiac! Jupiter is so big it takes a bit of time to move so this groovy vibe lasts until December of this year. This will affect all aspects of your life – therefore no shying away from opportunities when they present themselves – and they will. The one downside that can come from feeling so big is we can easily buy-into our over blown pride, ego and confidence. Do not get me wrong, you will have large amounts of it all but that is where the problem lies for Sagittarius. Your sign in part is a ruler of these animal urges. We must all overcome these urges to properly function and achieve in life. Here is your chance. Archangel Raguel delivers a time where you can let go so you can let God come into play. The angels have your back! Therefore, the gentle touch and not the big stomp of the Sag is what is needed in your daily dealings in April. Whether it is for family, friends or work the approach is the same. Saying or writing a hearty thank you and please are two simple words that can carry a lot of good when delivered by the Centurion of the zodiac.


CAPRICORN (December 21st-January 20th) Earth (Physical): Over the last few months a lot of effort has gone to making other people happy, spouses, kids, friends. This includes x-lovers who you may share custody with. And like a spent firecracker, you have delivered your last bang! The planetary timing works in your favor in April my dear Capricorn. You have a chance to turn your super brain power and compassion towards self – where it really needs to be applied. A desire for something new has been in the air for quite some time but issues with family and loved one has taken your attention away from yourself and your dreams. This not only needs to change but you get the chance to start to implement your strategy to do so. No being scared either. You have faced some heavy stuff and have come out alright. Remember how far you have come and how far you can still go. Archangel Michael has a special message of protection and all is good and as it should be. You have trusted God and the universe throughout this process now comes the rewards. If you have been contemplating starting a new venture, money could become available from friendly sources. How nice! And the best way to use your astrology to attract favor is to get out and in the mix again. You have been slowly dipping your toe back in the social waters, but a Capricorn never does anything small so I suggest you dive right in!


AQUARIUS (January 20th-February 19th) Air (Mental): As complex as the characteristics of an Aquarius personality are is matched in your astrology forecast for April. It looks like the potential for intense family drama can take place leaving you feeling like you can deal with little else this month. It already has been a tough couple of years and all you want to do is relax and frankly, mind your own business. Unfortunately, family, friends and even co-workers could be vying for your attention and that includes wanting an emotional reaction from you. From what the planets suggest this all wants to play out in the first two weeks of April, with that type of energy starting to dissipate as the month goes on giving you the opening to enjoy the reminder of your month! If you have been thinking of getting more into the healing and spiritual arts, even studying to become a master or professional in a field like Tarot, Yoga or Reiki, Archangel Raquel wants to lend you his knowledge so you can begin to connect that big brain of yours with the deep emotions you are experiencing – all good for an Aquarius! You only need to remember this great energy helps you ignite the fuse for your dreams!


PISCES (February 20th-March 20th) Water (Emotional): The astrology sign of Pisces rules over the domain of our ability to connect to God and like a compassionate priest you may have to use your communication skills to sooth and heal hurt feelings of loved ones around you in April. The job of Archangel Zadkiel is to soften our hearts, attitudes and approaches. Zadkiel’s names translates to “Righteousness of God” but his gig is not to make you rigid in your convictions, but to allow forgiveness and empathy – another Pisces trait – to take over your heart. If you feel like you have been fighting lots of battles lately, time to put down the proverbial gloves. Time to take that long over-due exhale as well Pisces. The last few months have produced moments where you could have felt like you were holding your breathe for weeks at a time. This is over and why Zadkiel wants you to embrace his message of kindness and understanding, not only to others but most importantly, to yourself.


Nicole Maiorano
Nicole Maiorano