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August 2017 Horoscope by Laura Richmond

by Nicole Maiorano August 07, 2017

August 2017 Horoscope by Laura Richmond


August Horoscopes


Aries March 21st – April 20th: Many businesses start to take a back-burner approach when August hits the calendar and the planets have setup the Aries forecast to allow you to break out the beach blanket and enjoy much needed downtime. Place those career aspirations on hold because your energy needs to be focused on spending time with loved ones. Congratulations to those Aries who have already tuned into this universal vibe! If you have been looking to reinforce your relationships you have ideal favor to be an effective mediator to reach successful conclusions. Aries does not mind playing the hero, and August delivers the white horse for you to ride in on and save the day. My astrology advice is simple, find a location that will help you feel refreshed and not feeling like you need to engage in Ram behavior because the gentle lamb will rule the day!


Taurus April 20th – May 20th: Astronomers have recently affirmed what many astrologers have long believed – we are literally made of star dust! This news could not have arrived at a better time for Taurus. This month your universal magic gets ignited in every area of life! As an Earth sign, it is normal if one aspect of life becomes off-balance, it can make us feel as if all our life is affected. This is what it has been like for Taurus the last few years. But now, my dear bulls, it all starts to come together. All the planning, maneuvering and most importantly, the waiting – begins to start to show its first tangible rewards for your efforts in August. Some of you may be contemplating career, residential and relationship moves – make them! Others are realizing their dreams but feel so tired – pick yourself up and keep moving – the brass ring is within your sights! Do not doubt Taurus because you are made of start dust and it is your time to shine!


Gemini May 21st – June 21st: Lately, you have been thrown several strong punches that you may have shaken you but like a great prize fighter, do not count yourself out! August brings a conclusion to long standing issues that have been taxing your wherewithal for way too long as well as a chance to start to catch your breath and plan your next move. Mind you – I did not write – your next punch – because you can take the gloves off and relax. I want to stress staying mellow and to let the universe to place the last few pieces in place. Your planetary ruler, Mercury will be in a retrograde placement and we will be experiencing a lunar and solar eclipse this month, so your best defense is to stay chill. This can sound intense but it is all for your benefit Gemini. I would also point out a little relaxation and knowing the universe is fighting for you – would be welcome to either one of your twins.


Cancer June 21st – July 22nd: Wow! August is a power house of a month for the astrology sign of Cancer! Whether you are looking to find or reconnect a love connection, or to launch/repurpose a business with a strong marketing/sales pitch or both – you can achieve it all starting in August. Your life recently may have felt like an idling race car engine ready to be slammed into drive for the next adventure – well, place your petal to the metal Moon Child because you have been given the universal green light to start! Your ability to attract all this goodness is due in part because the planet of love, Venus has made home in your astrology sign. And when anyone sets up house with a Cancer, they never want to leave! You have a special touch this month. Others will respond by listening to your heart or buying your products. With such capability, I know you will make the most of it!


Leo July 23rd – August 22nd In the ancient art of reading Tarot cards the Five of Cups represents our need to remove the proverbial rose-colored glasses and review our relationships, partnerships and friendships in a realistic light. When the powerful shine of this card appears in a reading it asks us to be brutally honest with ourselves regarding the people who are not productive or supportive of your life goals. This is August for Leo. I know this task is not easy for the Lion – who may see others in their true skin but might make excuses for their behavior – no more what ifs or buts Leo – you need to get real! If you do not, the universe will only continue until something gives – make sure it only for your betterment. I have learned with these kind of life experiences – we either can ride the wave and control the outcome or get thrashed and thrown ashore a mess. In August, the choice is yours!


Virgo August 23rd – September 22nd: Your astrology sign is the master communicator. This can be especially true with the written word; the problems can arise when you need to speak from the heart in an emotional manner. What makes this all odd, you really are a romantic and feeling individual, you just need to allow it to show. In August, the astrology light is on you getting in touch with how you truly feel about the people and situations in your life. You have been contemplating these style thoughts for a bit, now is the time to start to lay out your plans for who stays and who goes – and expressing to those on the stay list why you care about them. This checklist applied with your heart can have solid positive results. I will go even further in this universal clean up – attack the clutter in your mindset and in your physical surroundings. Virgo’s live by the mantra – our room is a reflection of our mind; time to make sure yours is tidy, productive and constructive.


Libra September 23rd – October 22nd: Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, the lover in the zodiac. Venus helps us heal old emotional wounds along with setting up the next date for a new love. This planet is that powerful for the heart. In August, your ruler moves into a favorable sign for expressing your feelings and setting up home. If kids are on your mind, spend some extra time with them or trying to make them – each are favored in August. My theme of trying to chill and reaching for a spiritual balance stays throughout the month. Venus has some goodies up her sleeve for your enjoyment, but if you are running around trying to make everyone else happy, how will you receive her gift.


Scorpio October 23rd – November 22nd: I herald good news for the month of August dear Scorpio! Love, rest and career advancement are the only to-do list items you need to check off this month. The astrology is laid out in a way to allow you to enjoy your downtime while still achieving the maximum out of potential job opportunities. How nice! If you were to be honest, you would admit a reprieve would be welcome as it has been a rough and tumble last couple of years; and the universe always wants to reward those that try their best to meet its challenges. I know what Scorpios are made of - the best the zodiac has to offer. Another aspect of this month, is your ability to reconnect with the powerful inner you. You need to remember this Scorpio, trust in this energy to bring you the benefits you know are due to arrive and to finally truly enjoy yourself.


Sagittarius November 23rd – December 21st: I will be honest my Sagittarius friend, you are in for a doozy of a month. The planets and the powerful eclipses we will be experiencing in August will touch you in a way that could make people around you irritable and possibly picking fights. You may have to meditate and sooth over hurt feelings. Communications on all levels will be touched so my cautionary advice would be to tread lightly in your words and actions. This will intensify as we reach the last days of August. Secrets, hidden agendas and shadiness all will have a spotlight on uncovering motivations and intentions of others – it may not be pretty so being prepared it is another good defense for not getting emotional drained by the dramas of others. You sign is known as the great healer, this month you get to reinforce why we all understand this to be true.


Capricorn December 21st – January 19th: Put your best outfit on in August Capricorn because your astrology is delivering one groovy month! It will shine its good vibe on your love life, family and friends. It is the kind of month that even a Capricorn will be smiling. Because your sign is ruled by the taskmaster planet, Saturn, your life can feel like a long running test. But in August, Saturn announces a nice pleasant gift for all your hard work. Enjoyment, excitement and passion start feel like friends again. You need to embrace this side of you my dear Sea Goat. As a fellow Earth sign I find we can put up a strong exterior facade when we are really feeling all soft on the inside. This month helps to bring the inner child in you out to play. Allow yourself to let your hair down and your fun side to show - I promise there will be no regrets.


Aquarius January 20th – February 18th: If you are looking to place special focus on your family and home, August is for you. Aquarius is the innovator of the zodiac and you get to show off your creative chops around the house. The month also brings a good time with family and friends. If you have been thinking about adding a patio with a bbq and fire pit or taking a few days to enjoy someone else catering to your cozy needs - do it! Your career ambitions will move merrily along while you lay back and regroup your energy and outlook. Your love life can get an extra boost during this time as well. Show others how you feel, it will be worth the effort for them and for you. The benefits you can reap could leave a permanent positive imprint on all of you - how nice Aquarius.


Pisces February 19th – March 20th: While others may be settling down at the beach dipping their manicured toes into the waters, you will be focusing on next steps for your business. If you want to combine a bit of pleasure with your career aspirations all the better because in August your mind will want to be productive. The last few months have been about speaking up for you and the desires of your heart. While this past energy has touched all aspects of your life, August wants you to finalize your work plans so you can start to move into implantation phase. You have been waiting for things to fall into place and now is the time to move forward. Another aspect of your astrology this month is the uncovering of secrets - yours and others. If you have been wondering about another's motivation - this could be the time that gives you clarity into the situation.  


Nicole Maiorano
Nicole Maiorano