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February 2018 Horoscope by Laura Richmond

by Nicole Maiorano February 06, 2018

February 2018 Horoscope by Laura Richmond

February Horoscope


Aries March 21st – April 20th: Aries is usually known as an on-the-go astrology sign. You have stamina and when your eye settles on a goal – there is no holding you back! These last few months have felt a bit like the fire your sign is associated with, was under you pushing you to move forward. While it might have been intense, February brings a time to relax and catch your breath. Plans are starting to fall into place and you are starting to feel like you are taking a pleasant walk instead of an anxious run. This is all good! Not only for your health but possibly for your love life as well. You see, the planets have aligned in a way for you to not only enjoy your new career rewards but to have the time to look out for new love ones too. If you are in a happy relationship turn up the heat, as your lover has probably been missing you. If you are on the look out for new love mood, turn your attention to having fun as someone wants to catch your attention this month!


Taurus April 20th – May 20th: February is going to be a nice month to move your career agenda as well as any love interests forward Taurus. We usually do not have such strong planetary influences touching both these areas, but February ignites your fire to make slow and steady progress. This is good because you been feeling a bit dim in the flame department. Lately, your sign has been feeling the pressure to get everything done and accomplished – yesterday! For many of you, the last few months included making big adjustments you might have not seen coming – a rare point of view for a Taurus! But all a sign to take a breath my dear bull and begin to allow yourself to enjoy the harvest of your efforts because February starts to move things closer to a conclusion. You have always trusted the universe to lead you where you need to be Taurus– even if it has taken you along some sharp, jolting turns – trust it still as the universe will now begin to show you the rewards!


Gemini May 21st – June 21st: Many an astrologer would say Gemini has two points of view on life; family and friends catch the attention of one twin while the other is focused on career. In February, you feel a nice combo of both as your social side gets to help the career achiever in you. Do not under estimate a pleasant and having fun attitude when proposing a business idea Gemini. People buy products, but we can enhance our pitch by including an energetic personality behind the idea. The last few years have been exposing your astrology sign to the different dynamics of business. Some of you have wanted to explore further and enhance your knowledge. Bravo because the next few months give you the chance to see if you can take your dreams further. Never play with fear or insecurity Gemini, you know a great deal more than you give yourself credit for – but no worries as everyone else is learning what a big deal you truly are!


Cancer June 21st – July 22nd: In February, the planets are rolling out the red carpet to greet the VIP you! The planetary action touches career, family and romance – all areas a Cancer loves! And to add the cherry on top of your proverbial just deserts is a Solar Eclipse on February 15th. Anything to do with your ruler the Moon, touches you in a unique way. Solar Eclipses can be considered super powered New Moons; which reveals opportunities and direction. Lately, Cancer has been plodding along hoping for that hit, February gives you a vantage point to see your next steps to success. Whether this is for love, work or family, or all the above, you will start to see the light shine on your path forward. And if there are any areas in need for readjustments, do so, as the universe is your friend and is showing you where change may need to be applied. Lastly, wish big in February Cancer! No sitting in the sand my crab friend, time to get out an enjoy the beach party your life is ready to join!


Leo July 23rd – August 22nd:  A funky bunch of planetary moves takes place for Leo in February – all good stuff but it touches money and love specifically. When I think on it – this duo is not a funky bunch at all to a Leo – these are two areas you excel in – and worry too much about! February releases the chains of fear and insecurity, so the confident and fearless Lion can step forward and start to pursue your goals. If you have your eye on achieving new love or adding spice to an existing relationship – you can do so! If you want to look for a new job, go for that promotion or design your personal finances for the future  – you can do so! You can begin to engage for the long-term Leo. I need you to feel the power of your ruler, the Sun and the good vibes the universe is sending your way. This is when magic happens for your astrology sign. I know the last few years have been a reality check on the people and situations in your life, but that is over, and I want you to apply what you have learned for you now. The planets have set the stage and a Leo loves to be under the big lights – as they say in the movies - your closeup has arrived Leo!


Virgo August 23rd – September 22nd: Virgo is an Earth sign in astrology, which helps your astrology sign exceed at business, career and the materials that are associated with making an idea into a material reality. But if that idea is love, relationship and family, this becomes a more difficult path to navigate. February offers you the opportunity to unravel the mysteries around your closet relations. This might sound messy to a Virgo, but I promise if you dig in, you will see a beautiful bounty for your results. You may as well do as I suggest because the planets have aligned in way that work ambitions get a needed rest. Like a good stew, you have been adding and mixing the right career ingredients, now give them some time to simmer and blend. I want you to take the same care and choice when it comes to dealing with your loved ones. They need more than a bit of you in February – and surprisingly you need them too!


Libra September 23rd – October 22nd: Ahhhh...Breath in and now breath slowly out Libra. This is what I want your February to be for you – a long and steady breath of joy and calmness of spirit. It is time to relax, strike a yoga pose and get back to home and family. Your sign is ruled by Venus, which has domain over these areas. So much of your time over the last year has been trying to achieve the next rung on the career ladder – and some of you had to abandon your first flight of stairs for a whole new way of moving forward. In February, the planets have switched it up and have placed all the action in the inaction of just being. You are ready for this – you have been striving to live in the moment.  You have also been embarking on a journey of enlightenment to understand exactly what that moment should include for you and this next phase of your life. Simply in February - The answer to your next moves comes from the stillness of your mind.


Scorpio October 23rd – November 22nd: I had an accountant Scorpio business partner who loved to analyze plans to achieve a future target. Not just for his benefit, but for all of us he loved! He was brilliant at this type of financial strategy, but he tended to want to keep his movements secret until the time of a big and joyous reveal. Such is Scorpio! But in February the planets suggest a different type of inclusion for mapping out what the next steps will be for your family and home life. It might sound boring to some other astrology signs but not to a Scorpio; but the catch in February is you need to be upfront and completely truthful about your thoughts – this requires trust and a willingness to believe others have your best interest and that they can part of achieving the goals as well. You are the astrology sign of rejuvenation! If allow yourself this universal offer of help, you will not only have fun but see new opportunities and solutions to nagging situations that need to change.


Sagittarius November 23rd – December 21st: Sagittarius has been starting to feel like their old frisky self again. This is all grand, but I would like you to remember you are a pony of a different color than last year my Centurion friend and this new aura about you needs to be applied along with the good time party host your astrology sign is known for. If one area of caution needs to be sounded it regards your thoughts and the way they are connected and delivered out of your mouth – and in some cases, you may not have the pleasure of that connection – so anything could fly! And where our words can go – so can our actions. Your astrology sign is powerful, and people want to be around that type of confident energy – so make sure it is one of the mentor – the exalted state of your astrology sign. You now get to use your life-is-a-party attitude with the gentle approach of the teacher. How nice you are ready for this moment. You will not only benefit others Sagittarius, but the rewards will return tenfold back to you!


Capricorn December 21st – January 19th: Wow! Capricorn is like a smoldering fire on a cold day in February! And everyone, men, women, children, pets, even plants will want to gravitate towards this heat! And it is time to use it! What is so nice for you this month you get to see your world in a more spiritual context instead of just the material. As an Earth sign, the last few years have been a testing of the clash between your financial requirements and your spiritual dreams. Walking through and understanding the many different reflections we can have while in the material world is usual never easy for Earth signs. You also rule ambition and career achievement; which can make you feel any kind of adjustments for your spirit harder to achieve. But lucky for you, this is exactly where all Earth signs are destined to be. Standing on the side lines just getting by is no way for a Capricorn to be. You know the tough stuff is behind you so no more looking in the rearview mirror for the past to bite like it did. All you need to do - is follow where your heart is fully engaged in the possibilities. And because you are an Earth sign, this advice applies to every aspect of your life Capricorn.


Aquarius January 20th – February 18th: Happy Solar Return Aquarius! This old age mantra comes about when the Sun returns to its placement on your birthday. To the ancient astrologers, the two weeks prior and the two weeks following your special day holds magic! Plant your birthday wishes! If I could place a universal wish for you Aquarius – it would be to follow your heart into unknown territory and explore your emotions deeply – all while allowing others to do the same with you. You have been slowly dipping your toe into emotional waters and February may ask that you just dive in and see what this heart of yours is all about. You also have this same special touch with regards to your money and how you want to use it for you and possibly others who have connected your heart with theirs. Go for it!


Pisces February 19th – March 20th: Lately, you have been having to speak up and fight for what is yours! February gives a pleasant reprieve and a wonderful leadup to the time of birthdays for the astrology sign of Pisces. You have so much positive planetary placements I do not know where to start! But where else would we start but love, love, love for Pisces! You are on fire lately and the flames will not bank this month so keep getting out there. In a relationship, bring on the flirtation and sex appeal! February is also so hot because your psychic connections to others is enhanced. You have been feeling this intuitive buildup for a while and its starting to feel like the old you is reemerging but with a few new tricks up their magical sleeve. Because of the many planets involved for you this month, your good luck also arrives out of situations which may seem at first like a challenge. Still your mind and seek your universal answer Pisces, because it will be better than the one that currently is weighing you down. Your astrology signs show us all – when we work from a position of love, we are working from a position of power.


Nicole Maiorano
Nicole Maiorano