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July 2018 Horoscope by Laura Richmond

by Nicole Maiorano July 05, 2018

July 2018 Horoscope by Laura Richmond


Aries The Ram (March 21st-April 19th):

Dream big this month Arian Rams because your July forecast predicts extraordinary results.  Have you thought about asking for a promotion, a raise or seeking out new opportunities then this is the month to have a plan in place and go for it, as your karmic energies will help steer the way.  Mid-month Arians strive to assert their independence but soon realize that a certain person or a set way of doing things is powerfully overwhelming and stifling but consider this a time for Arians to step back, assess a situation, and follow your instincts, as it is wise to craft a new line of defense for obstacles that stand in your way now.


Taurus The Bull (April 20th-May 20th):

A newer energy surrounding inner peace is happening for Taureans this month and will resonant most for those who feel well-tuned into their spiritual guides.  You might even notice that there is a newer version of yourself emerging these days and that some glimpses of the ‘old you’ will now begin to fade away.  You love being around your family and friends and there is much support from the universe to go ahead and have fun but there is also serious tone to July as well.  There no doubt that Taureans love the finer things in life and this month will find the mood no different, but with cosmic energies suggesting frugality, it is best to shelve any expensive impulse purchases for now. 


Gemini Twins (May 21st -June 20th):

Those born under the sign of Gemini start the month realizing it is time to regroup and reenergize their position in work and relationships; as you might find the hectic energies of June might have left you with neglected responsibilities that if left unattended could cause havoc and rift in your personal lives.  There is a need to balance and structure your month so that you can take a ‘can-do attitude’ towards any project that interests you.  It is imperative that during this time you remind yourself that although others see your special talents and are drawn to them; the Gods are still suggesting that you have a chance to “do it a bit better now”.


Cancer The Crab (June 21st -July 22nd):

Having come off a whirlwind of a month of taking care of others in your life it is now time to refocus some of that fortitude onto yourself.  Career goals are highlighted this month and if you’ve been pining for a new job or have always wanted to start your own business then the time is ripe to start planting the seeds of success.  You have positive energies following your career choices this month especially regarding income stability; and this will come as a welcome relief as June left many Cancerians feeling the pressure of unexpected financial burdens. You might even feel lucky this month, in some sort of way, and meeting of the minds comes easily too.


Leo The Lion (July 23rd-August 22nd):

Have you ever wondered “why is this happening to me?” and then the situation turns out to be one of the most monumental turning points in your life.  Change is not easy but that is what the heavens have in store for Leos for the month of July but rest assured that it is all for your well-being.  Leos will feel a strong pull to delve deeply into their spiritual sides and begin to remove any overdue baggage that is holding them back in life.  Leos are encouraged to take advantage of this strong healing power from above that surrounds their sign this month and break free from any negative emotions connected with the past.


Virgo The Maiden (August 23rd -September 22nd):

Take a break this month from focusing on career -oriented goals as the energies are indicating that your time could be more wisely spent by focusing on your health and implementing a healthy regime.  Overall, it is best to get the answers to your medical questions now, as any minor ailments can be cleared quickly during this phase.  When one goes through uncertain phases in their lives, whether it is about health, relationships or happiness, then they may find that they also carry those same uncertain feelings to their own personal relationships, and this could cause undue stress in close bonds.  One aspect of your life that you can be certain about this month is your love interest, it’s for real, and July can bring exciting times for the two of you!


Libra The Scales (September 23rd – October 22nd):

The need for more open communication is key to Libra’s July forecast.  Going back and forth with a certain someone is growing tiresome but there is a strong love vibe there and Libran’s find that they can’t let go.  This is your time to shine Libra as you’re feeling energetic, popular and you like what you see when you look in the mirror; your hard work on self-improvement has paid off, and it shows. Although there is sound positive energy following you this month regarding communication it is also important to note that there may be delays related to your career, but don’t fret, as the outcome will put you on a more directional career path.


Scorpio The Scorpion (October 23rd- November 21st):

The Gods had given Scorpio the wisdom to see their personal relationships in a clearer sense over the last month and although not the reality that many had wished to see, the universe was advising those born under this sign that it is best to keep your eyes open and not see things through rose colored glasses anymore. Could you muster up the energy to make the necessary changes that should be made, probably, but most feel too emotionally drained at this time and that is okay.  With Mars circling your sign this month you could feel combative and stressful and it’s best to avoid any deep conversations with others during this phase. 


Sagittarius The Centaur (November 22nd- December 21st):

Have you been thinking about doing something special for a certain person in your life this month?  This is an excellent time to organize and surprise as this gesture is strongly encouraged and will solidify the connection between the two of you of feeling wanted and loved.  Planning something special for someone is a wonderful reprieve from any workplace pressures of petty fights and ego clashes.  Single Sagittarians have a special charm this month and will find engaging with others effortless and pleasant, and new romantic unions can be easily formed. 


Capricorn The Mountain Goat (December 22nd- January 19th):

July is a meaningful month for the sign of Capricorn because you can do no wrong.  Almost everything you attempt to do this month will have some signature of success attached to it.  Your significant other will reap the rewards of your joyous energy too because you are admiring and loving towards them and are truly starting to realize just how compatible the two of you really are.  This is an excellent time to return the support your loved ones have given you in the past regarding your career plans as you show them that you are genuinely here for them too.  You start to see your day-to-day life in a new light this month and work becomes more meaningful.


Aquarius The Man Who Carries Water (January 20th- February 18th):

Neptune is in your astrological sign this month and is known for spinning illusions, so please don’t allow a friend or co-worker to try out any manipulative moves on you at this time; especially concerning the loaning of money or picking up more of the workload than is equally fair.  This could be a good time to do a thorough cleansing and relinquish yourself of relationships that have hurt you, or you no longer care for, as this is the month that you will receive ample support to finalize and end.  To help overcome this emotional undertake it is best to delve into your career as the prospects are high here and it’s all systems go to start any new project that interests you as you have a steady stream of new contacts to add to your professional network.


Pisces The Fish (February 19th- March 20th):

Could life get any busier for Pisceans this month as work is at the forefront of your mind.  You love what you do but you wonder “if only I could clone myself”, then life could get easier.  Either way you have the kiss of the Gods this month that any endeavor that you put your mind to will get off the ground with ease and rewards.  A crazy hectic schedule might leave Pisceans wondering if they have enough time to give their significant others but push that thought aside as the spirit world confirms they are more supportive than you may realize. With hard work comes success but with success there lies jealousy and envy as others wish they had your verve and devotion but don’t succumb to someone’s sour mood and let them ruin your victory dance.  

Nicole Maiorano
Nicole Maiorano