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June Horoscope by Laura Richmond

by Nicole Maiorano June 01, 2017

June Horoscope by Laura Richmond

June Horoscopes

Aries March 21st – April 20th: Pat yourself on the back Aries! You should be proud of how much you have accomplished over these last few months. The month of June brings romance and fun. There is only one tiny problem to you truly relaxing during this time, you are still poised like a prize fighter ready to take on the next challenger. You need to take off the proverbial gloves and the rigorous routine you have been maintaining and start to apply some of that same discipline to enjoying life. I am also here to tell you it is alright to do so – the planets have setup their universal power to make sure all important work issues will run smoothly along on auto-pilot while you take a well-deserved rest. Figure out what will deliver the best results for your relaxation and go for it! And when you feel rested, take some time with your lover. If you are on the look-out for love, keep your eyes open because you are one hot ticket in June!


Taurus April 20th – May 20th: Lots of Taurus have been trying to get back to maintaining a positive outlook on life while adapting a healthy lifestyle. You know it is all connected within the powerful Bull. Even if you have not started this new approach – there still is time and I encourage you to do so because the month of June offers Taurus a chance to show off your results and apply that extra energy to take your career endeavors to the next level. Advertising, marketing and promotion are all favored this month. Any type of communication that can introduce you to potential alliances or that can build a bridge for your future – do this as well! You have been scratching and clawing your way up out of the tough hole the universe placed your sign in over the last few years – but you have done it and now are on the edge of a new beginning you always knew was waiting for you!


Gemini May 21st – June 21st: The last few months have left many a twin feeling exhausted. While there are still some areas of your life that can make, you jazzed with excitement there are others that can leave you feeling depleted and ready for a nap. You usually are so full of energy you may wonder how this all has come about. But I think if you were to be honest you know why. The planets suggest during your Birthday month - which can be filled with cosmic goodies - you need to get you mind, heart and spirit on the same track. Lately you have been honoring the brain more than the other two key components crucial to your overall happiness and this is a shame because only one side of your twin halves is being respected. If you could make a Birthday wish my dear Gemini what would it be? And do you tell yourself yes, I can - or no I cannot - it is within this answer that your truth and energy again lay. 


Cancer June 21st – July 22nd: June is a mixed bag for the astrology sign of Cancer. One part of this month’s agenda will be to maintain your focus on career because your opportunities still want to make themselves available to you. Family responsibilities will lessen giving you the chance to pursue work during the week and to enjoy your weekends with loved ones - or to take some solitude time to explore spiritually pursuits. This is where it gets interesting. You have been understanding the spirit and the enlightenment we need to embrace to grow as well-rounded individuals and now you get the chance to possible combine the gold coin with your heart. If you have been meditating on how to bring your viewpoints on spirit to share with others – this is your time. Whether it is trying to bring a higher standard of ethics to your business practices or you want to learn how to enhance your healing powers to possibly turn this talent into a profession – June is yours to start!


Leo July 23rd – August 22nd: The month of June could be a beautiful gift for Leo’s. And all you need to do my dear Lion is relax. This may seem easy to other astrology signs who have no problem being asked to lay back but even unwinding can seem like work to a Leo. No worries because the planets have foreseen your reluctance to book a long overdue vacation or to take some time for you. Your love and career are best benefitted by you switching gears from work to shining in social settings. You out there with your big heart and the big smile that can follow when Leo feels safe in lightening up, will have you reaping rewards. That is the cool aspect of June for Leo – the more you chill and let your sweet side out – the universe will help you make progress on all fronts.


Virgo August 23rd – September 22nd: While others maybe flying off for rest and relaxation time – no such luck for Virgo in June because all your energy needs to be focused on taking your career and money aspirations to the next level. Other astrology signs may feel bummed with such news – but not a Virgo! Your efforts get a universal boost making any time towards work feel like play. As an Earth sign, you feel natural in the business world but June gives even your professional chops an extra boost to succeed. If you can mix fun time with your clients all the better. And while I would normally find no need to remind a Virgo to keep your eye on closing the deal, June is that kind of month where magic can happen. If you have been dealing with emotional drama from family and friends this pressure should ease, giving you and your plans the space to move forward.


Libra September 23rd – October 22nd: Your astrology forecast for the month of June is a pleasant mix of a sunny disposition and career achievements. This may seem long overdue and I agree, but you needed these last few months to figure out what will truly make you happy and start to make your move towards those goals. Your quest has been like the Tin Man in the popular film The Wizard of Oz, where he feels he would be complete ‘if he only had a heart’; this was kind of the way you were experiencing life – where is your heart. You have earned the right to relax and reconnect with this important element of our spirit and June makes things feel easy to do so. I only ask that you take advantage of business opportunities that can come along because the astrology favor this month carries over into this area as well. You could see tangible signs your ideas are starting to take shape. You have received your heart back Libra, now take advantage of your moment!


Scorpio October 23rd – November 22nd: The month of June offers an interesting mix of good favor but all the focus will be on you. This is alright because loved ones will be cool and want to support your efforts on self. You have the potential for positive career movement that places you in charge along with planets that are encouraging you to get outside your comfort zone to socialize, both for work and pleasure. A magical touch has also been made available to improve your eating or workout habits. Go for it! If you have been striving to get out of debt or saving for a down payment, progress forward regarding your finances have nice placements in June.  It is all connected for Scorpio and what makes this month special. All it will require is to put yourself in the mix to take advantage of the opportunities the planets have set for you.


Sagittarius November 23rd – December 21st: Your astrology sign is represented by the half man, half horse, Centurion and in June both halves get to have fun! Your animalist side will be focused on its exalted state of having a good time and adventurous sex and not the downsides like anger and rage; while the human in you wants to harness this positive jazz to enjoy your loved ones. If you are single looking for love, your appeal is high so get out there! In a relationship – or thinking of taking things to the next level - You can reconnect with your lover in a way that may have been lacking lately. You both will benefit from your attention. The same is true of family and friends. All aspects of your life will improve if can use the month of June to relax, catch your breath and enjoy yourself.  Part of the horse in you still may feel like it should gallop off on the next journey, regardless of lovers and family, but the human half knows in its heart and mind it is time to look at what settling down offers.


Capricorn December 21st – January 19thYou have been working hard to understand what will make you happy Capricorn. This focus has been on love, family and career and in June you get the chance to start to express how you feel and what you want to do next. Usually speaking truths is not a dilemma for the intelligent Sea Goat but June requires you use a gentle touch and not the blunt force often associated with your powerful convictions. I say this with love and respect because this is a wonderful aspect of your personality when applied to areas such as career but when we are speaking of communicating the heart to loved ones, well that’s all I want you to use, is your heart. I will add, using this approach to your work endeavors and colleagues will reap benefits as well. June also supplies some free time where you can start to truly feel an internal relax that helps speaking your feelings all the much easier. You have been working hard to understand and get to this moment – go get your reward!


Aquarius January 20th – February 18th: Your astrology in June could read like a saucy Jackie Collins mystery novel. Male or female, the first part of the month, the planets give you an aura of our story’s debonair leading man, fending off suitors till he finds his damsel in distress and sweeps her up in his charms and intelligence. Then the work begins. But an Aquarius loves a good puzzle and will enjoy balancing wooing the gal while unraveling the pieces to a successful conclusion mid-month. The secrets you may be revealing could be on the business front. Like our book’s hero you will know what to do and as each page is turned your direction will become clearer. And as you cruise into the end of the month, you can enjoy the feeling of a job well done and the tender attention from your appreciative love.


Pisces February 19th – March 20th: I have a Pisces friend who is always camera ready with a 100-watt smile! This may sound like strange behavior to those of you who lean more to the shy side of the fish, but get ready because this is what June has in store for you! The experience of your astrology sign over the last year has been akin to being a warrior; physically, mentally, spiritually and probably a bit of financial as well but that phase is departing and I need you to get back into taking care of yourself and most importantly acting on what is best for you. You have already been through the roughest stuff so tidy up or cut away any loose ends and start to bravely greet the next phase of your life. It is here my dear Pisces, I just need you to jump on and enjoy the ride.

Nicole Maiorano
Nicole Maiorano