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March 2018 Horoscope by Karmic Inspiration's Laura Richmond

by Nicole Maiorano March 01, 2018

March 2018 Horoscope by Karmic Inspiration's Laura Richmond

March Horoscope

 Aries March 21st - April 19th: Over the  last year or so, Aries have been feeling out the landscape of their career goals. Some of you may have had to test run a few ideas you were sure you would enjoy or benefit from - but realized instead you did not. No worries - such is the journey of life. You also discovered not sticking to one particular path is alright too; because being happy in the career of your choice is what matters most. The money will always follow! The month of March brings Aries the opportunity to expand your enlightenment horizons. You have been learning how the gold coin needs to be blended with your heart, now you get to mix in your spiritual quests to this pot of goodness. As the first sign of the zodiac, your sign can have a bit of rebel streak to your personality. In March, the desire for your originality to be expressed will be heightened. What a beautiful fuel to your spirits fire!

Taurus April 20th - May 20th: Thankfully my dear Taurus, the red hot embers of family situations and emotional dramas in general have begun to slowly burn out. This is not to say, you have not placed a lot of effort to extinguish these flames. Bravo...but...Nor, can you claim that you did not add your own special blend of ethanol to the fire during that time. Such is the journey of learning for the sign of the bull. In the month of March, the lesson book turns the page on the past and points to making advancements in business and career endeavors - topics a Taurus not only feels at home with, but usually excels in. And what is cool about March, any extra energy you exert could result in double the reward. You will also feel like you have some additional oomph for family, friends and lovers after a few months of being a bit sluggish. How nice!

Gemini May 22nd - June 21st: In the month of March, one side of your twin half will be urging you to take steps to secure your new business goals. This will be especially true for those Gemini's who are entrepreneurs and entertainers. While your other twin will need to take a much needed rest from the emotional upheaval and family drama that has been biting at your heels for the last year. Whew - just in time! As you want to turn your mind's eye to achieving your career and financial dreams. Part of you has been placing part of your aspirations on the back burner because others have required your attention and efforts to help them achieve their visions. But have no fears Gemini, like a good stew that is left to simmer the universe is ready to help you dish out your goodies to a welcoming world. Plus, the good will you placed out comes back delivered as delicious ready to eat karma.

Cancer June 21st - July 22nd: If there was a moment for career moves and achieving the start of long-held dreams, the month of March is it for Cancer. Day light savings time takes place on the 11th, use this as a starting point to let the light back into your life and to shine its energy on your endeavors. What is equally cool, March offers your astrology sign the opportunity to show everyone why you are so special  in the zodiac. Cancer already have a beautiful way of weaving any tale but in March something enchanting happens where your words can feel  like soothing water rolling over people and healing their emotional damage. Wow! Mix this with products and services that have therapeutic value to people and their lives and watch the magic that begins to happen!

Leo July 23rd - August 22nd: Your astrology sign is the ruler of money and in March you get a chance to start to make some Leo! The planets are aligned in a truly favorable way to tee-up your financial plans.  Whether it is asking for a raise, promotion or just setting aside funds for retirement, March is your friend. Another nice aspect of this astrology time, is your mood, mouth and action are all in-sync and aware what every nuance carries. You have been working a long time to get this balance right and March brings a time to not only apply your learning but to reap the rewards from it as well.  The universe also supplies the people who can help you while benefiting from your wares and the sage advice you are offering. So you see, the planets have been playing with you for months to get you ready for this year and this moment. Go be the regal lion you are Leo!

Virgo  August 23rd to September 24th: Some Virgos have been experiencing upsetting love and family issues over the last year. In the month of March though, the planets want to help divert your attention to other areas of your life that can produce constructive financial opportunities. Do not worry, the other items in your life need a cool down period and you could use a good mental rest from the upheaval some of you have had.  And while money planning and career strategies may spook or bore other astrology signs, usually no such worry with a Virgo - this kind of thinking comes a lot easier than having to decipher emotional situations. By pleasantly placing your mind's eye to making money you can reap the material in March.   

Libra September 23 to October 22nd: Many Libra's have been striving for the balance between your mind, heart and body. The month of March gives you the opportunity to expand your talents to start to bring your career goals into play. You have probably been feeling better about yourself and the prospects for your future. Bravo, because the hard work you have placed in your dreams is starting to pay dividends; all while the universe is encouraging you to keep reaching for the next level. I know some of you have only returned from your latest adventure but do not be surprised if a golden opportunity to pack your bags for another excursion arises. While this month's planetary activity is more focused on work keep an eye out for love - you are that lucky! Wow! Lots of good stuff in March! My only advice is to make sure you keep enjoying the journey Libra!

Scorpio October 23rd to November 22nd: Time to put on your party hat Scorpio because the month of March is asking you to step out and socialize. Put some focus on relaxing and enjoying your loved ones. Your career and work aspirations are on auto pilot so you can take this much needed rest to regroup and put a big smile on your face. Collaboration on all fronts will benefit you and others too this month. Another positive aspect of March is your heightened ability to strategize the next moves for your life and the reason why a bit of down time will help in offering clarity to these efforts. Your astrology sign is known as an analytical thinker for a reason, and this gives you the time and space to explore all avenues of that powerful brain of yours.

Sagittarius November 23rd to December 21st: The month of March is a mixed bag for the astrology sign of Sagittarius. One half of your month could be spent soothing and healing others emotional responses. These reactions may not even be about you but the best advice is to treat each situation as if it intimately touches you. By approaching things in this manner you could see the best and easiest results in what could seem like an emotional mine field for part of your March. By the time you meet the mid-month mark things start to settle down. Whew! The planets then ask you to turn your attention to helping out at work. Peers may need your sage advice and positive attitude. While March may even test your best self, I promise, with every good vibe you put out you will receive it doubly back my dear Sag.

Capricorn December 22nd to January 19th: A nice month of March is in store for the SeaGoat.  Family and finances, two areas that are a focus for a Capricorn are highlighted for favorable outcomes. Your astrology sign enjoys mixing business and leisure and if you can throw in your favorite family members, all the happier your sign is. This is what March can be like. You will also find you can experience a bit more enthusiasm and energy to help you to truly enjoy the potential of this month. When you are feeling good about those closest to you and you have a bit of extra cash to spend on them - Life can feel awfully groovy to a Capricorn. Socially you are on fire too! Your dry wit is legendary and  while it usually can take an smart individual to catch your nuances, this month everyone will understand you and your humor. Enjoy it all Capricorn - You deserve it!

Aquarius January 20th - February 18th: Your astrology sign is often called the 'high flyers' of the zodiac. This is due to your signs special ability to rise above emotional situations to come to answers and solutions. This rising above the fray also gives you a capacity to view what your tomorrow can hold. In the stillness - you will find your answers.  If you take time each day to connect to your high self through meditation you will find this time well spent in March. Like a jet liner cruising merrily along, March could hold some turbulence that will require you to find your equilibrium. These will be momentary speed bumps but they could potential throw you off track. Aside from staying chill and maintaining your attitude and approach to life, March will start to you show results for any of your efforts.

Pisces February 19th - March 20th: The month of March offers Pisces the chance to feel like they are at home in many aspects of their life. This is because a majority of your planetary activity is taking place in areas your sign rules. Your desire to connect to your source of spirituality and intuition is enhanced and I encourage you to dig right in! Wanting to help others will also be something you could feel a drive to do in March. Everyone benefits when a Pisces wants to help. Some of you have still been dealing with the emotional fallout from family disagreements, in March you could start to see others wanting to reach out to make amends hoping to smooth over the rough that could still remain in your relationship. If you get the chance to jet or motor to a vacation location - do so. And i might add - If you feel up to it, bring those irritating relatives too! Your specialness to make any situation fun is that unique in March - it would be a shame to hold all those goodies just for yourself.

Nicole Maiorano
Nicole Maiorano