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May 2018 Horoscope by Laura Richmond

by Nicole Maiorano April 29, 2018

May 2018 Horoscope by Laura Richmond

ARIES March 21–April 19: The temperature does not get any higher than when the red- hot glamorous Aries starts to feel their energy again! No other sign has the raw confidence Aries have built within their DNA. The month of May bodes well for your love life and career. Lasting into June, your sex appeal and sales ability is off the charts. Expect many admirers. Someone intriguing from the neighborhood may catch your eye, or you may decide to set up house by moving in with a loved one. May is a magical month for love when you could be swept off your feet unexpectedly. Trust your own head and heart when making decisions regarding work. Inspiration strikes in May and you are ready dear Aries!


TAURUS April 20–May 20: Happy birthday, Taurus! The day of your birth a solar return takes place, meaning there is lots of good vibe power placed upon your special day. The Sun returns to its placement on the day of your birth. To the ancient astrologers this was great mojo for making big wishes! Use this powerful energy to visualize fresh beginnings. Several of your planets make life cozy in May. Your astrology sign is known for their love of home, security and comfort and this month you start to enjoy it all. The whole of May is nice for love too, take it easy and pamper yourself; because a special meeting could take place where unexpected sparks could fly.


GEMINI May 21–June 20: May begins the buildup of pleasantly aligned planets in your sign. Gemini’s are already the master communicators of the zodiac, but May will showcase those talents in new ways. One word of Gemini caution is: There are several hot spot days in May where thoughts that should only remain in your head may suddenly pop out of your mouth. The Sun entering Gemini on May 21, changes things nicely. As the central life force, the Sun has great importance in astrology, as it helps develop our identities. Your urge for self-expression should be indulged at this time. A talent a Gemini excels at, making May an excellent time to enjoy family and friends.


CANCER June 21–July 22: Cancer will be the sweetest flower to many admirers in May. A lucky time for love happens for the Crab and this intensity of attraction lasts until June. The universe helps your professional life in May too. Those born under the sign of Cancer have a shy side, but now is the time to let your legendary humor and outgoing nature be the lead. Make sure you keep yourself healthy and hydrated. Towards the end May, your expressive self gets a boost and will help keep your communications going into June. The only caveat with all this good stuff, make sure you find your quiet spot to relax and regroup.


LEO July 23–August 22: Feelings of love, an enhanced appearance and career acknowledgment are coming your way in May Leo. You will see even bigger results if you have been applying positive energy to any of these areas over the last several months. Looking for physical improvements? Body-shaping planets help you shake a move in May, kicking those activities into high gear. Another positive aspect of May, is our ability to overcome body-image issues to feel truly comfortable in who we are inside and out. This is all part a universal grand plan, because some hot planetary activity helps your sex-appeal meter rise. Take some chances Leo. Projects undertaken during this period will be blessed with success.


VIRGO August 23–September 22: May is a beautiful month for love, Virgo. Usually quiet and self-contained, this month the planets conspire to help you open up and express the feelings in your heart. Others will see you as warm and inviting if you let yourself feel the energy. This nice feeling groove lasts until the beginning of June and gives you the added potential of meeting a special someone through a friend. If you are in a committed relationship, this connection could deepen. In May, the love vibes keep coming. Your ruler, Mercury, is in on this action so expect to shine. The month ends with another pleasant alignment to bring your words, heart and mind into sync.


LIBRA September 23–October 22: In the hit show Cabaret, the master of ceremonies sings about how ‘money helps make the world go-around’. In May, money will help your universe move forward. If you are starting a new project or looking for a loan, you will find even more favor. All things financial reach a critical mass mid-month and all this energy is directed at enhancing your bank account. You are so lucky that even your partner could receive a raise. A little romance is in store in May as well. One side note, mid-month all this energy collides, and a work romance may be possible. If you are traveling or opening a business in a distant land, the planets are on your side throughout the month.


SCORPIO October 23–November 21: The month kicks off with a power house of energy which will touch everyone, but you will feel it the most, especially in the areas of love and career. Part of your insight in May represents closure and is valuable in helping us leave behind stale situations and start anew. This energy is fitted to your character. Regeneration is a word often used to describe the way a Scorpio can reinvent their lives. While this all may sound heavy, the other planets want to help and make it fun too. Some of your planets moving into a fellow water sign could make you dreamy for far-away places or an exotic stranger. Romantic desires reach a peak in May and I suggest you start to make your dreams come true.


SAGITTARIUS November 22–December 21: There is a lot of excitement touching your personal and professional partnerships in May Sagittarius. Like your astrology sign, there are two sides to this. Some of this energy is positive while some may have you feeling like you got lit by electricity. Do not give in to this ‘ants in your pants’ feeling my dear Sag. Part of what you are experiencing is how to harness the animal aspects of your sign with the human intellect. When opposites meet, we should usually proceed with caution, but this placement will help you understand your needs at both levels, so full steam ahead with your enlightenment. It is all not serious stuff as your creativity in attracting work or lovers hits the mark in May. A new moon comes along on mid-month to spice things up even further. Being sincere in your actions will yield the desired results. By the full moon, a new understanding of you will emerge.


CAPRICORN December 22–January 19: Over the last several years you have been slowly adjusting your views about work, home and self—not an easy task for the sign that devotes large amounts of energy to resisting change. Now it is time to direct your focus toward your love life. A perfect astrological moment to undertake this journey presents itself in the form of a new moon mid-month. A new moon this favorable offers a refreshed outlook and hope. Write down romantic wishes and then spend part of each day trying to achieve those dreams. If you want to bring sexy back into your life, the month of May will help you get your groove back.


AQUARIUS January 20–February 18: Spring arrives, and your work responsibilities finally start to ease, urging you to take a long overdue break. If you can, resist this pull because several planets will help you have fun and get ahead at work too. I encourage this because May favors career fulfillment for Aquarius. You can begin to feel professional gratification in May; an important component for fueling your on-going success. More good news follows when commerce-loving planets enter a money-producing phase by mid-May. Your intellect also gets a boost making you feel like you are running like a well-engineered engine in that powerful brain of yours. Do not be surprised if you start to attract a brainy lover with this style energy.


PISCES February 19–March 20: Those born under the sign of Pisces have an idealism regarding romance, however, the past year has tested even their optimistic resolve regarding love. Things are about to change. The sizzle of attraction to a new love or feelings that grow within an established relationship can leave the fish swimming happily along in May. One of your best times this year to find pleasure through love starts in May. Start putting yourself out there Pisces. The planets in May help make you inquisitive about pursuing new interests in all areas of your life while encouraging you to strut your stuff; a delicious combo for the duality of your astrology sign.


Nicole Maiorano
Nicole Maiorano