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May 2019 Angelscope by Laura Richmond!!

by Nicole Maiorano May 01, 2019

May 2019 Angelscope by Laura Richmond!!

ARIES (March 21st-April 19th) Fire (Spiritual/Creative Will): Your astrology sign is often associated with words such as ambition, accomplishment and the entrepreneurial spirit – and over the next few months you are due to receive your financial rewards. Ruled by the red planet Mars, your sign is continually tested and challenged but it is not without its gifts for such efforts. Because you are an Aries, there can be a potential downside to this extra boost of energy - if your laser-like focus is only on achieving the gold coin you not only miss the point of this powerful astrological time, but you miss out on some well-deserved fun! Your astrology sign rules the area of war, but Archangel Sandalphon has a message for the month of May of being gentle and kind with yourself and others. It has been a long haul, but now it is time to park yourself for some relaxation and a real chance to catch your breath. The people you love and care for – and this includes employees and co-workers – will need your attention too. If you want the feeling of having it all – and an Aries always does – this is your time! If you allow, you will start to feel a rejuvenation of your spirit too. This month unfolds in a way that will have feeling like you got your groove back and enjoying that extra spring in your step!

TAURUS (April 20th-May 20th) Earth (Physical): Breathing in and out may sound like an easy function but this is exactly how I want you to begin your month of May. Breathe begins all life, and as the astrological ruler of the season Spring, new life emerging is represented by Taurus. And like a little seed of potential, I want you to treat yourself with kindness. Only thoughts of the positive and constructive nature will be allowed in your garden. Archangel Raphael is the healer in the domain of Archangels. His names translate into ‘Whom God Heals’. He will guide your actions and thoughts to bring you to a state of peace and balance – Embrace it! Taurus can be the last ones to ask for help, but this kind of support you should eagerly reach out for you because it benefits everything; your overall health and attitude. And when a Taurus feels like themselves – watch out magic happens in the areas of love, family and work – all areas Taurus rule.

GEMINI (May 21st – June 20th) Air (Mental): In the musical Annie, the namesake character is an orphan raised in a children’s home wishing for normalcy and family. A story line a Gemini could understand as it was playing out for them throughout the last few months. One of the show’s popular songs, is Annie confidently signing ‘The Sun will Come Out Tomorrow’ while at a low point in her life. This gives us all hope but for a for Gemini this song will take on a new meaning to you in May. Get ready to break out the sun shades because it is going to start shining on both of you of your twin sides There have been storm clouds thrashing over you; especially these last few months, but there is a lifting of the turbulence and it is starting to look like a beautiful day as you enter the month of May. It can be hard to believe at times like these that a higher hand is guiding and caring for us but this is the case for Gemini. Archangel Jeremiel rules those areas of our life where we can not see the overall picture to where God is leading us, but we have a deep conviction that everything is for our betterment. Believe and trust in this Gemini. Archangel Jeremiel always appears when our prayers ask for all to be well. Get ready for your Sun to come out! 

CANCER (June 21st-July 22nd) Water (Emotional): Your astrology sign has partly domain over secrets. I know over the last year some of those secrets have been unpleasant and why you may feel your spine tingle as you read this sentence but in May the tides have turned and you could encounter more than a few good surprises. Career, family and children are in the spotlight for the next few months. If you have been planning – and a Cancer is always planning – on bringing your work and family time together, May is a great time to start. If you are wishing for child producing efforts to be taken the next level, this is the time to start implementation. Some Cancer’s may want to work with their children or bring them into the family business. If you place a focus on these areas by mid-year you will be enjoying a laidback Summer vacation; another to-do item on your wish check list. The tight-walk you may encounter is trying to balance your lover, family and career ambitions. I say combine them if you can. Archangel Zadkiel is the spiritual teacher whose name means, ‘Secrets of God’ and he has quite a few to unveil for you in May. I suggest you and your loved one’s put on your spiritual explorer hats and take an adventure to re-connect and build for your future 

LEO (July 23rd – August 22nd) Fire (Spiritual/ Creative Will): Being able to place distance between our emotions and decisions is the domain ruled by your astrology sign. We all need a bit of this but you more so in May. You fought tough battles over the last year to gain the internal ground to love, value and respect yourself first. In May you get to enjoy the gifts for your efforts! This especially true for career endeavors – something patient Leo’s have been anticipating and can now feel - your moment has arrived. It will be slow and steady growth. Like an accountant, which many Leo’s are, you will enjoy seeing your money start to grow, allowing you the freedom to start implanting the plans you have been exploring through much of this year. Family also gets a boost. You will have fun and forge stronger ties to those you love. The Healer, Archangel Raphael is delivering good Angel vibrations your way – all you need to do is relax and receive his bountiful gifts. You deserve them Leo! Whether you are young or old, in a relationship or not, your May romance forecast is the same - apply new energy, approaches and attitudes to it all. You will be experiencing extra oomph throughout the year too, allowing you the space to try new things. Leo’s are usually reserved, but May is asking you to wear a different mask, one that is open to having fun, being social and most importantly relaxing to allow life to happen!


VIRGO (August 23rd -September 22nd) Earth (Physical): The start of the month of May kicks off in a magical way! Your psychic ability is running like a finetuned engine and is here to help guide you. This energy gets combined with your razor-sharp intellect. What a perfect match up for a Virgo when they reach an exalted state. Your mind has settled in the last few months and in May you start to implement your long-awaited plans. Like the Star Trek crew of the Starship Enterprise, ‘you will be going where no man has gone before.’ How exciting! And like the legendary series points out we all must venture into the unknown, while giving ourselves time and the freedom to enjoy our new surroundings. Part of the work being executed on your behalf comes from, Archangel Raguel, who is opening your mind’s eye to the spiritual guidance you are now seeking. Like a new world, Virgo’s love to dig out the details of what makes something work – this time that something is you! Input from others could play an important role in May too. Over the last year, many of these types of contributions were unwelcome. That changes now because you have changed! The people you choose to associate and garner insight from now is way different than the vibe you encountered last year. If I may quote the Starship Captain James Tiberius Kirk to help you find your answers, ‘There’s another way to survive – mutual trust and help.” 

LIBRA (September 23rd-October 22nd) Air (Mental): In May you will be presented with a unique gift Libra. I have often written how your sign is associated with the lessons of the heart and the last few years have included lots of these lessons but a new time has arrived and I want you to welcome it in! The special announcement that all is well comes from Archangel Jeremiel. He encourages you to release all worries and cares to him – so you can joyously step forth to your next adventure; and it includes, love and the gold coin appearing in your life again. But the real reward comes from the strong attachment and understanding you are having regarding your intuition and psychic ability. Many would not think a Libra; an Air sign element would have such talents but you do have them and their roots go back as far as the wind has been blowing to bring us new ideas. I write all this because something cool is happening for Libra. If you have been thinking about pursuing spiritual studies this is a great time to schedule your classes. This is powerful stuff - where we can see things and make them materialize. So, if it is more money, a better relationship, interesting career, whatever you dream, Libra just do so with good intentions and leave the rest to the angels! 

SCORPIO (October 23rd- November 21st) Water (Emotional): The astrology sign of Scorpio is one of the signs who rules over the domain of our ability to connect to God. And like a compassionate priest you may have to use your communication skills to sooth and heal hurt feelings of loved ones around you in May. The job of Archangel Zadkiel is to soften our hearts, attitudes and approaches. Zadkiel’s names translates to “Righteousness of God” but his gig is not to make you rigid in your convictions, but to allow forgiveness and compassion to take over your heart. Your astrology sign is often depicted as the insect the scorpion, but in the exalted state of astrology you are the eagle, soaring above in your universal connection. If you feel like you have been fighting lots of battles lately, time to put down the proverbial stinger and take a breath. The last few months have produced moments where you could have felt like you were holding you breathe for weeks at a time. This is over and why Zadkiel wants you to embrace his message of kindness and understanding, not only to others but most importantly, to yourself.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22nd-December 21st) Fire (Spiritual/Creative Will): The attitude of cleaning house of your personal relationships continues in May. If there are people who you have not enjoyed a healthy relationship with, possibly since the beginning of the relationship, it is time to place those people by the wayside. This will all be for your benefit. The planets of good luck and fortune can sprinkle a bit of magic anywhere it touches and it will be touching your love zone in May; leaving you plenty of time to clear away those remaining unhealthy alliances. And while we are at it, Archangel Raphael has a message of getting any lifestyle issues related to your health and well-being addressed. If you have been placing exercise and eating right by the wayside as well, time to bring it back into your life. Career aspects will continue to improve throughout the year. The stop and go feeling you have been experiencing will start to dissipate as we move through the year. Keep at the tasks and keep moving forward. I know some of this sounds like heavy stuff but you are due for some major rewards, I am just dropping a gentle hint on how to get there.

CAPRICORN (December 21st-January 20th) Earth (Physical): The song ‘Love is in the Air’ will be a tune you could be singing starting in May! Regardless of your age, this disco beat song from 1977 can transport you back to your best dance moves and the feeling of freedom, joy and love people experienced from that decade. The planets in May team up in such a way that will make you feel like you have a love groove playing in your head.  Any new discover of the heart could be yours! You could fall for another, an idea, even a puppy – it is all good! Do not be surprised if your feet do a little jig to celebrate as well. It can be that nice! This type of feel good energy has been lacking for a while now but it is yours to grab as a dance partner in May! Archangel Michael wants to reassure you that you are protected from any negativity or lesser intentions from others. He has got your back so you can turn your eyes towards the future. As John Paul Young sings, ‘And I don’t know if I’m being foolish, don’t know if I’m being wise, but it’s something that I must believe in’!

AQUARIUS (January 20th-February 19th) Air (Mental): A laid back attitude will serve you best in the month of May. If you have been encountering rough patches with a lover or other loved ones, know these are meant to be moments where you all can reach a better understanding of each – a crucial piece to a successful relationship. This same type of thinking can be applied to friendships and partnerships. It leaves it all in your capable hands to decide if these associations get a thumb up or down verdict. These types of life reviews are the domain of Aquarius. While you might want to place your big powerful brain only to the situation, Archangel Zadkiel asks you to soften your heart and use this approach instead. He also encourages you to be gentle with yourself and the thoughts you allow in that big powerful brain of yours. Life is starting to take a nice turn with open roads and if you allow, lots of love – from all quarters. Aquarius has that strong, I do not care appearance but you really are good ol’ eggs at heart – let it show in May and I promise you will only catch the good things in life 

PISCES (February 20th-March 20th) Water (Emotional): Pisces has been dealing with a lot of clean up lately – some of it long past due to go by the wayside. But such is Pisces, the kind and empathic sign of the zodiac, until you do them dirty. It is hard to realize people we love or thought we could trust have turned out to be not so cool after all. This is always a tough lesson but one you have had to encounter so you can truly value and respect yourself first. You have started to find your business voice too. And while the rough encounters seemed unpleasant at the time, they are over and you are now much stronger than before. How great is all that! In May, you get to look forward to career opportunities that are aligned with the vision and people you want in your life, not because you must be tolerated or endure their presence, but because you truly are enjoying yourself and their creativity and how it influences you in a positive way. The guidance of Archangel Zadkiel says it’s time to celebrate this new you with the people you have learned are like minded in the head, heart and spirit as you and your May will be grand!

Nicole Maiorano
Nicole Maiorano