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October 2018 Angelscope by Laura Richmond

by Nicole Maiorano October 01, 2018

October 2018 Angelscope by Laura Richmond


By Laura Richmond


ARIES (March 21st-April 19th) Fire, Cardinal, Active:

October begins with the Angel of Mother Earth protecting affairs of the heart and promises that your current relationships will grow and prosper and for single Arians even the faintest hint of attraction could turn into something wonderful and long-lasting.  The Angels also encourage Arians not to worry so much but it is also important to listen to your innermost instincts as there is much telling information there.  There is a lot be smiling about this month and less to fear. If fear is playing havoc in your life it is equally important to use your mind and energy to gain inner peace and this is the month to put action into your well thought out plans as nothing is more empowering to an Arian than using your talent and skills to accomplish what you truly want to see happen in your life.

TAURUS (April 20th -May 20th) Earth, Fixed, Receptive:

The Angels of Romance are beckoning Taureans to pack on the fun in their relationships and if others around you want to take care of you then please allow it as this is not a power play struggle but a strong show of love and support; this is not only true for those romantically involved but for all personal relationships, as well.  It is time to spread your wings and the energies from above are persuasive now by sending the message that the timing couldn’t be more perfect as it is your time to shine.  With two strong Tarot messages from The Star and The Wheel of Fortune your karmic message is:  if your feel you have little power over your destiny you are misguided because there is a strong influence that if you put your heart and mind into something and do not hold back, then the gift is there waiting for you.

Gemini (May 21st -June 20th) Air, Mutable, Active:

Have questions about leading a more- healthy lifestyle been in your thoughts as of late than the Angel of Strength and Knowledge are here to help you.  Take this month to think about your own needs and although you may be waiting for that ‘pat on the back’ to come, others in positions of power see your major accomplishments and are proud.  Major developments that could have a positive impact on your family could appear and this is a good time to take a hard look at your life and decide how this could affect you in the “long-term”.  The High Priestess is summoning Geminis to move slowly when confronted with “a decision on what to do” because if you’ve been putting off finding a resolution then there is a good reason for it and don’t rush and don’t allow yourself to be rushed into making any final determinations.

Cancer (June 21st-July 22nd) Water, Cardinal, Receptive:

You’re on a roll Cancereans and should be feeling confident as of late as the Angel of Courage and Determination is in your pocket and reassuring those born under this sign that your life goals are reality based and attainable and go after them with zest and renewed force.  The Tarot Card of Temperance is reminding of spending lots of one on one time with significant others and to take a deep breath if finding you’re in a stressful situation and to use your moral compass if disagreements arise.  It is important to note that the Tarot Card of Death represents a time for renewal that must take place now and certainly any change can be frightening but the Universe will take charge; it is time to step up and start on a new pathway and release any situation that has been hanging quite heavily over your head.  

Leo (July 23rd-August 22nd) Fire, Fixed, Active:

There is a strong sign from your Guardian Angel and the Tarot Card of The Star to put an emphasis on friendships during this month of October.  If there are feelings of being more communicative, social and active then by all means get out there and be part of the fun as the Angels are signaling that there are desires to share stories and express yourself and these will be well received.  Let go of resentment that may be held towards neighbors or siblings during this time, as well.  Make a commitment to yourself to connect with nature to relieve stress and to bring balanced equilibrium to your life.  For many there is change that is occurring within your employment or the position you hold and this may not come as a surprise but all is moving forward as the Gods are reminding that many of the people you meet this month will hold a positive influence over your life for years to come.

Virgo (August 23rd-September 22nd) Earth, Mutable, Receptive:

After facing challenging mental tasks regarding money and life the Universal Angel of Prioritizing is here to help stabilize financial and work -related pursuits.  It is best to work independently to focus on the highest concerns as Virgos are blessed with many talents and there is another added to the list: perseverance. With a new Moon occurring on October 8th now is the time to implement a financial plan of action. Others are intrigued with Virgos ability to ‘get the job done’ and with the presence of the Tarot Card of The Empress indicating abundance and all good things coming your way, its best to acknowledge your appreciation for others help when receiving these Godly gifts.  The new Moon indicates an opportunity to recreate yourself Virgos, so now is the time to dream up and enact a life plan that suits you best and not what others expect of you. 

Libra (September 23rd-October 22nd) Air, Cardinal, Active:

Don’t be surprised if many people come to Librans this month to confer on many different topics but being the helper to others can sometimes take away from your own responsibilities. The Tarot Card Justice is imploring Librans not to take the easy route and think all will be well because what it means by arriving in your life department is that the Justice Card is here to push Librans into unknown territory and challenge themselves when it comes to love, work and balance.   This month is all about yourself and starting on a new personal life journey, there may be hesitations to let go and not having regrets on how you make your daily living perhaps having unfinished business in a prior commitment. The Angel of Harmony is here to reiterate to do the right thing for you and follow the right path when trying to find balance in affairs of the heart and work.

Scorpio (October 23rd -November 21st) Water, Fixed, Receptive

The Angel of Compassion is stating that Scorpians may need to remove themselves from manipulative situations and set clear boundaries so that healing may take place.  Please make efforts to release and not to hold onto any relationship that does not prove positive or may have a detrimental effect on your life.  There may be many clues that state the time is now to severe ties and those clues may be someone not treating you well or causing you mental or physical harm. Even if this means you may have to settle in some way in your life that you didn’t imagine happening this is only short term and having this time to quiet your mind will allow Scorpians the opportunity to think and put themselves on a more authoritative pathway.  Having the Tarot Card of The Sun in your sign this month means coming out of the dark shadows of your life and be happy and confident in yourself and everyone else will be just as happy to be around you. 

Sagittarius (November 22nd-December 21st) Fire, Mutable, Active:

Sociable is the word for Sagittarians during the month of October and the Tarot Card of The Sun makes you irresistible to many yet the Angels of Loved Ones is shining the spotlight on past relationship issues regarding love and trust. Retrograde Venus might trigger dreams of past loves and some Sagittarians might find themselves facing issues regarding jealousy and envy coming from their partners therefore thread carefully to remain diligent to other’s feelings and emotions.  Please do not allow defeatist thoughts to enter the mind regarding present love relationships as October is a month to look forward and put any negative overtones behind you as the Angels are here to help make a more soulmate connection with an important person in your life. 

Capricorn (December 22nd-January 19th) Earth, Cardinal, Receptive:

The Tarot Cards see an appearance from The Pope regarding employment meaning that if you are satisfied and enjoy your work you’ll find October to be an especially purposeful and fulfilling month. All the training that Capricorns have done is really starting to pay off as these new skills will enhance marketability and confidence by asserting yourself more. If confused about a current position and thinking about applying for a new one then this is the time to do it as any move will be a positive one.  Continue with building upon any projects that are in the works as Angels of Strength and Courage come to the forefront indicating any uphill battles or adversaries you face now have no chance against your determination to never give up.

Aquarius (January 20th-February 18th) Air, Fixed, Active:

The theme for Aquarians during the month of October is to lighten the mood and soften the stance against anyone or anything that there is held ill-will.  The card of Death appears, not because there is an actual death but because it is a time to put old habits and destructive thought processes behind and start anew.  The mind is powerful and with Mars in Acquarian this month it encourages to push forward and allow discontent and restlessness to fall to the wayside.  October is an excellent month to finish up any projects that have already been started and allow the Lovers Card in Tarot to energize and inspire to truly think about a future that excites. It’s never to late to let go of anything that is not working in life and replace with something more meaningful.

Pisces (February 19th-March 20th) Water, Mutable, Receptive:

Pisceans will find themselves daydreaming about intimacy, love and passion and the Gods are encouraging these daydreams as there are many discoveries to be made during this excellent phase for love.  Having the Tarot Card of The Wheel of Fortune in your sign indicates that a relationship has gone through many spins and cycles, and Pisceans have not always felt in control of love’s destiny. But the Wheel of Fortune also states that Pisceans are in full charge of their relationships and a lot depends upon how they view and deal with their partners.  There is a strong presence from the Chariot Card of Tarot suggesting that there may have been a long period of time where Pisceans have listened to the advice of others when it came to their significant others but that is starting to change.  With the Angels of Destiny following Pisceans this month many will find their own pathway to what their heart desires by listening closely to the signs and profound messages that surround them now and know that everything is falling into place exactly as it is supposed to.

Nicole Maiorano
Nicole Maiorano