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September 2017 Horoscope by Laura Richmond

by Nicole Maiorano September 11, 2017

September 2017 Horoscope by Laura Richmond

September Horoscope


Aries March 21st – April 20th: I have found many accountants and bankers are born under the astrology sign of Aries. Male or female, your sign holds incredible brain power for math. You will need a bit of this in September along with a healthy attitude of, it will all work out – because it will. This month your planetary ruler, Mars moves into the astrology sign of Virgo – which covers details and communication. If you have been waiting to execute your long-held plans, this month could be your moment to move. Because Mars is where it is, you may experience a bit of an ‘ants in the pants’ kind of feeling to get everything done and get it done now! Take a breath and keep to the steady pace you have learned to maintain Aries, now it gets a bit easier to see the path forward.


Taurus April 20th – May 20th: A popular children’s’ story, “The Little Engine That Could” will be what September can be like for Taurus. What is cool about this tale, is after all the bigger and so-called stronger engines dish out a negative attitude while refusing to help with the important task, it is the Little Engine, who takes up the challenge and succeeds! Many Taurus have felt like the Little Engine, after having been the big rocking engine. This past episode was meant to show the strong bull – our self-worth is not about the size of our bank account or the material success – it is about the spark of an idea that gets our Little Engine heart going again. For many Taurus, it has been a tough ride to this point, but it is over. The Little Engine never looked in his rear-view mirror or allowed his past to dictate his future – he just knew that he could! This is you in September.


Gemini May 21st – June 21st: Gemini are usually high-energy individuals but lately you have even begun to feel you like you are reaching the bottom of your tank. September is somewhat of a rescue from all that. The catch with this month, is you do get your second wind to proceed but you also can experience heightened angry and rage. If these animal instincts are not properly focused to achieve a means, then hold both of your tongues this month. But! If you can channel that angst towards communicating and executing your plans with a purpose, you could make great strides. You have been working hard to have a new outlook for your future Gemini – and you can almost feel it within your grasp. The universe may ask you to walk a few more steps forward, but if you can find the muster to do what is right for you – in all circumstances, the rest will fall into place like you knew it would!


Cancer June 21st – July 22nd: A funky bunch of planetary action is on hand for the astrology sign of Cancer in September. This can fit well for the ambitious side of the crab. If you have been launching new ideas, this moment can give you an extra boost of creativity and inspiration. What to watch out for this month is spreading yourself too thin with too many concepts. You have a good game plan that is starting to show results, focus of these areas before branching out in new directions. Like a seed, give the imagination you planted a bit ago, to take hold. Do not rush and enjoy this moment because in the stillness your next moves will emerge. And if you are only allowing the dreamy, sitting on the couch side of Cancer to take the lead, I suggest you put away the chips and stop binge watching, and start to blue print what see your future to be like – September can help you get there!


Leo July 23rd – August 22nd The antsy feeling of the last few months starts to relax in September my dear Leo. The planet of war, Mars, leaves your sign after an extended stay. While we can enjoy the electricity of energy it supplies, after such high doses though it starts to wear the regal lion down.  My advice this month is take that long overdue breath and rest – but - keep one eye open for opportunity. The universe didn’t get you all riled-up for no purpose. It was to teach you to be exalted and overcome the anger and rage often associated with Mars and your sign. This universal turn was also meant to remind you gold is not the goal of your dreams. And if you met your challenge to the best of your abilities - Bravo! Because the next chapter of your life is ready to begin and these skill sets will serve you well.


Virgo August 23rd – September 22nd: Wow Virgo! You have an outstanding alignment of planets in your astrology sign in September. It all happens because you are the zodiac’s star child this month! While this can sound grand to many other astrology signs, Virgo’s usually like to stay out of the spotlight and work their magic behind the scenes. Not now Virgo! Deep down inside you want to be the party host and you excel at such responsibilities, and this month supplies a hearty dose of fun too! How nice! Because you have several heavy hitting planets along with the Sun in your sign, your energy, including the one driving your thoughts will be in over-drive. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the rewards of your past efforts Virgo, but if you are all tangled up in your mind set with worry and doubt, that is what you will receive when you apply that great brain of yours to what you can envision. Therefore, your task is simple, I want you to focus on the light side of life and what is positive and possible – and nothing else!


Libra September 23rd – October 22nd: Lately, my astrology guidance has been to focus on you and gain a bit of relaxation. In September, the focus continues to be on you but the moment has arrived for some action. Libra is ruled by the planet of luxury and indulgence, Venus and those born under her domain enjoy a day with no fixed schedule or responsibilities – the problem lies when we get too comfortable in this non-routine and forgo opportunities. This is September! Time to get out and share the good attitude you have working on during this down time. The action I am calling for also includes making decisions instead of maintaining the status quo hoping for a radical change – be the one who is radical instead! Libra’s are fearless when it comes to protecting a person or an ideal they hold dear – now it is time to a bit fierce for your own good dear Libra!


Scorpio October 23rd – November 22nd: I know you are tired in every possible way my dear Scorpio. And rightly so! The universe has been throwing not only the kitchen sink at you – but the whole house as well. This testing period is coming to a tangible end in September. All your perseverance is starting to pay off and it really begins to show results now. I know you have been feeling the change and I need you to believe it is real. You are like Dorothy in the final scenes of the movie classic the Wizard of Oz, where all she needed to do was to wish her way home. I am sure she would have liked this realization earlier in the tale, but there would be no story to tell if she had. The same is true for you. When we travel rough roads, it is hard to remember how far we have come and changed we are. Not even a year or two ago, but even a few weeks ago. Therefore, you need to look at your emotional and spiritual growth as the most important part of your journey – for when this happens for a Scorpio – magic happens!


Sagittarius November 23rd – December 21st: You might have been feeling like a pack mule lately, instead of the fine stallion half of Sagittarius. This phase of your life is ending and I wonder - what will you do with all this new-found knowledge and insight? You were given these tests to show you how special your capabilities are. I know some of you have been thrown a long and sustaining punch to your emotional, spiritual and financial gut – but you survived it and are starting to slowly stand back up again. Do not count out the Sagittarius spirit – it is now directed at accomplishment and commitment to those people and environments you hold dear. At any age, it is hard sometimes to have to grow up and face adult situations that can take our breath away in their impact and scope. This was for your benefit. You do not receive an internal regal confidence and self-assurance, with the happy stuff of life, it is the tough encounters that form our character, integrity and how we want to apply these values into our life. Congratulations Sagittarius – now go enjoy your reward!


Capricorn December 21st – January 19th: I have good news for you in September Capricorn, but as it sometimes can be for your Saturn ruled sign there is a test to getting to the reward. I may make this sound like a tough task, but all it requires is for you to think nice and constructive thoughts – even if others want to be a damper on your positive thinking party. I will also add – do not be your own bummer this month because there is a cool planetary alignment taking place and Saturn is one of the big players. If you can keep your mindset on gratitude and progress you will receive the biggest benefit of this meeting. I know some of you will be thinking, how could I keep my mind in a Zen like mode when I have so much so and so going on. This is the point I am making my dear Capricorn. You were placed on this planet in part to master your thoughts and to learn to approach each day with grace and happiness. Like I said, it really isn’t that hard – or is it? The choice is yours this month.


Aquarius January 20th – February 18th: I know many an Aquarius who are lone travelers, rebels who do not mind solitude and embrace this way of thinking into their overall lives. They will not hesitate to grab a backpack – filled with wears that are uniquely them - and hitch the next ride out to some far off exotic location – this is what make Aquarius so special. And when they reach an exalted state they can take this talent out of the material and apply it to the spiritual – to visit places the universe and God are asking of us. You have been learning a lot about your emotions and feelings towards those closest to you – including where you may have needed to cut away some dead wood of stale relationships. In September, the planets are asking you to apply your heart, intelligence and your renegade spirit to help your community, even the world – do not think small Aquarius because this is where your true destiny lies.


Pisces February 19th – March 20th: Lots of super-duper planetary activity is in store for Pisces in September – as if you needed more oomph to accomplish – well actually you do! And the universe is here to help! While you have been placing your ‘nose to the grindstone’ for your career there has been a side show of other sorts. Different style relationships have either been improving or swirling out of control. You know what is happening is for the best and like a surfer riding a babe of a wave – you need to stay stuck to your board as you start to approach the shore. No worries – you are a fish after all – and two at that! You needed to grow into the individual you are today. You learned where to establish boundaries, while finding your voice on how to express to others how you feel and what those ‘no enter zones’ were going to look like for them. Family has been playing a big role lately as well – the kind you are stuck with and the kind you make anew. Trust all this starts to wind down son and you find yourself standing on solid ground.


Nicole Maiorano
Nicole Maiorano