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Cornflower Whole Herb

CORNFLOWER: Sprinkle over the area where you and your mate argue the most to alleviate discord and strife. It is a symbol of a subtle & beautiful soul, righteousness & virtue, or purity, modesty & friendliness. It was believed to be a potent protection against the evil spirits & against all sorts of misfortunes which are caused by negativity of others. Infusions made from it could be used for sprinkling the places where important events were to take place. Girls used it infusions for washing their faces with — it was believed to help preserve the beauty & protect against evil spells. It is the ancient plant of love, sex & fertility. If looking for love or your soul mate, it is said that sprinkling it in your right shoe will attract the right lover. For fertility, keep it in a pouch between the pillows, or sprinkle under the bed. This is also good to attract healthy sex.


inspiration, find new love,
use to invoke the mother
aspect of the Goddess

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