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Elecampane Herb - Organic

ELECAMPANE: used for banishing and to dispel angry or violent vibrations. can be used to encourage a better connection between mind and body. It is especially good for those who live in their intellect and ignore their physical health, allowing them to relax and trust their feelings a little more. It brings about balance – the healthy and normal balance between mind, emotions and body. Elecampane is useful for those who are heart sore from being uprooted and moved away from their homes and loved ones – possibly also useful in uncertain times when things change rapidly. It is connected with the brow chakra, and therefore with intuition, clairvoyance and clear sight. It can be used in initiation rites, and possibly also to open the mind to allow better communication with the divine. Useful for baby blessings & can be added to incenses to promote joy and attract love or to purify initiates. Ground together with vervain and mistletoe for a powerful love powder.


Attracts love,
use for protection, dispel angry
or violent vibrations, psychic powers. use in consecrations, enhance
scrying. Mix together with Vervain & mistletoe for a powerful
love powder

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