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Five Finger Herb AKA Cinquefoil

FIVE-FNGER GRASS, CINQUEFOIL- The five points of the leaf represent love, money, health, power, and wisdom.  Carry, burn, or wear to possess these traits.  Stimulates memory, eloquence, and self-confidence.  Commonly used in spells seeking financial gain, or by those who are otherwise seeking good fortune and self-improvement. It’s frequently used for business & house blessing.  Use in spells to bring protection to a friend or loved one taking a journey.  Burn as an incense during divination to bring dreams of one's intended mate.  Associated with ritual work involving romance.  Wash hands and forehead with an infusion of this herb nine times to wash away hexes and evil spells against you.  Fill an empty egg shell and keep it in the home for powerful protection from evil forces.  Wrap in red flannel and hang over the bed to ward off dark spirits of the night.


Money, protection, prophetic dreams,
the five leaves represent:
love, money health, power
and wisdom

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