Nicki Maiorano

Nicki Maiorano
Tarot Reader

 Nicki Maiorano learned the art of tarot reading from her little Arabic grandmother who was a reader for many years. She first taught
Nicki how to read regular playing cards as fun thing to do
& then graduated to tarot cards while Nicki was in high school.

In college, Nicki pursued Tarot professionally and quickly
became a regular stop for most of her peers before a night out
to pull some cards and see what was in store for their night out
and once a month would offer full readings on the weekends.

Once pursuing her alternative career cards, once again, took a back-burner to life and Nicki only read cards for family and friends. However, her intuition
continued to drive her to read for others.

Once diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, life put her purpose
into perspective and Nicki realized her life’s purpose was to inspire others
to live their best life every day. So Nicki opened up Karmic Inspirations.

Getting back to her roots, Nicki began reading cards professionally. Now, as an intuitive tarot and oracle card reader and teacher, Nicki also began to strengthen her connection to spirit through her cards to deliver messages from loved ones who have passed. Also, as a Certified Intuitive Transformation Life Coach and motivational speaker, her driving passion is to help her clients formulate a strategic path and direction to help ensure they are living their best life.