Patricia Calatayud-Spiegel

Angel Readings by
Patricia Calatayud-Spiegel

 At age 6, I began connecting with my spirit guides.  I could hear and sense energies around me.  I would know things before they happened and as a child this sometimes scared me.  I blocked
 these abilities because of this fear.

Through my life, it was my strong connection with my higher power/God  that brought comfort. When I was in college,  I reconnected with my guides and God.  Then I started paying more attention, when as thoughts would come, they also would be manifested.  It was clear to me,
the Universe was listening and synchronicity started
bringing the pieces to create my vision.

It was after my painful divorce, that I started getting messages directly from the Angels. My life changed forever.

As I grew and strengthened my gifts, that I was then guided to help others by bringing messages of understanding, healing and faith. 
I needed to let people know… they are not alone!

We all have personal guardian Angels and can ask them directly for guidance. This became the next part of my journey. 
Teaching others how to connect directly with their own Angels,
how to learn to listen to their own intuition as guidance and to trust in the Divine wisdom within each of us.