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Love Essentials Romantic Travel Purse

Sexy Essentials for Her

This chic purse filled with delicately-portioned lovemaking essentials is the perfect gift for her.

  • Three delicious, kissable products and two sensual products
  • Petite seductive feather tickler
  • Long-lasting for the perfect full body massage
  • TSA approved for airplane carryon

OIL OF LOVE Raspberry Kiss kissable, water-based body oil

  • Size: .25 fl oz 7 ml

HONEY DUST Raspberry Kiss kissable body powder

  • Size: .125 oz 3.5 g

Feather tickler for Honey Dust application & more PLEASURE BALM SENSATIONS Raspberry Kiss kissable body gel

  • Size: .125 fl oz 3.5 ml

LOVE LIQUID Classic personal, water-based lubricant

  • Size: .2 fl oz 6ml

INTENSIFY PLUS Warming gel for her enhances female satisfaction

  • Size: .25 fl oz 7 ml

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