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Prayer Flags - Grateful Heart

NEWLY upgraded!
* Bigger, brighter on higher quality paper (Six 5x6" images, 14pt paper)
* Beautiful new sheer, iridescent or ruffle-edged ribbon- 5/8" wide
* Cloth bag with new wrap-around package design, perfect for giving

Prayer Flags are traditionally used to bless your surroundings and promote peace, compassion, wisdom and strength. I love the bright colors and the idea that even the slightest bit of air will spread the good wishes outward and into your space.

The flags read:
May you wake with GRATITUDE.
May you see BEAUTY every day.
May you GLOW with HAPPINESS.
May you know you are LOVED.
May you know you are WORTHY.
May you sleep deeply and PEACEFULLY.

Details: The flags are printed on high quality card stock and strung on beautiful sheer iridescent ribbon, approximately 50-inches long, that can easily be hung in doorways, mantels and walls. Each individual flag measures 5x6 inches.The colors are so vibrant! The messages inspiring.

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