Rough Peacock Ore Nuggets

It is a stone that clears blockages from your Chakras and allows them to thrive in a healthy environment. Peacock ore will repattern your auric field bringing the truest colors and most revealing halos around you.

Stone of Happiness and Joy,  peacock ore is said to help you see things more positively and to allow you to channel happiness to others. Also known as one of the strongest healing stones. Peacock ore aids in balancing and activating all chakras.

Peacock ore used to transmute any negative energy into positive. It also is said to enhance your inner knowing and strengthen psychic perception.

The colorful effect of this stone is natural! It comes from the mine a muddy brown and the metals in the ore oxidize to these brilliant colors. Also known as Chalcopyrite or Bornite.

It is used during the rebirthing process in healing therapies.

It treats suspicion and controls the body when a loss occurs.

Removes energy blocks.

It is a stone of joy that brings positive thoughts.

It helps identify the cause of the negativity and get it out of the body.

Aligns and balances the energy centers of the chakras.

It helps us identify new opportunities and make our dreams come true.

It encourages us to reconcile emotions and thoughts and increases our perceptual abilities.

It protects against physical attacks as well as psychic ones.

It teaches us to enjoy the current situation.

Peacock Ore is known as the stone of joyfulness.

Bornite brings freshness to life.

It encourages one to strive for spiritual heights and to be able to enjoy the moment.

It protects against negative energy from other people and energy vampires.

This stone can bring the ability to recognize happiness and appreciate it. With this mineral, it is easier to accept situations and facts.

Bornite is considered to be the ore that has the strongest properties when it comes to physical healing.

It can balance all the chakras.

Peacock Ore increases the alkalinity in the body as well as the calcium level.

Anyone with arthritis problems should get a Peacock Ore.

After a short time of using this stone, the person brings his emotions into balance and harmony.

Peacock Ore helps break down old patterns of thought, behaviour and emotions. It successfully separates the intellect from emotions and encourages us to reconcile emotions and thoughts.

Anyone who has recently lost a dear person and needs to accept the loss can purchase this stone.

Peacock Ore protects expecting mother and unborn baby, also.

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