Tumbled Stones Pink Mangano Calcite

Mangano calcite helps you put your attention on your heart, strengthening it and supporting its proper function. This stone can be used with the intention to make your blood flow easily throughout your circulatory system. It is helpful for healing various diseases such as cancer, skin problems, lung disorders, diaphragm weakness or any disease that might be associated with a lack of feeling loved or being loving. The soft pink vibration helps relieve insomnia. This stone assists in tissue regeneration and healing after trauma and surgery. It can assist people with heart disease, especially those who have difficulty expressing their true feelings. It aids circulation and the distribution and assimilation of nutrients in the body.

Mangano calcite activates the opening of the heart chakra so that you can release prior feelings of hurt or fear. Feelings of anger and frustration can be assuaged by keeping this stone on hand. It is also a good stone for children who cry or whine often for no reason. Mangano calcite is an excellent stone for the health of the emotional body. It can assist in clearing blocks to emotional expression and in clearing long standing emotional patterns which you have outgrown. Ig is a powerful stone to employ for supporting those in deep grief, trauma or emotional hysteria.

Mangano calcite activates loving thoughts. It transforms less ideal mental musings into thoughts of self love, thereby increasing your ability to love and receive love from others. With this stone in hand concentrate on thinking positive, uplifting thoughts about yourself and others. 

Mangano calcite helps you align with the Divine Mother, the highest form of motherly love. The Divine Feminine is within everyone regardless of gender. Use this stone to connect any highly regarded spiritual icon of feminine wisdom and truth.


CALCITE AND THE SPIRIT, It is a spiritual stone linked to the higher consciousness that helps to open your higher awareness and psychic abilities. It increases spiritual development and allows the soul to remember.

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