So Mote It Be Pentacle Pendant, Lavender Rose

So Mote It Be is usually said at the closing of a spell or ritual, and means 'So As I Will It, So Shall It Be Done.'

In other words, it is an affirmation that the object of the speaker's desire will manifest into reality.

In Freemasonry, 'So mote it be' is the equivalent of 'Amen' or 'As God wills it to be.'

Material : Mixed Media | Mixed Medium : Metal, Ink, Paper, Professional Jewelry Resin
Size : 33mm x 30mm (there are exactly 25.4mm to an inch)
This is a hand-crafted piece and, therefore, slight variations should be expected. Pendants are not completely waterproof, so please remove prior to swimming or bathing. All components are LEAD and NICKEL FREE! Sorry, chain is not included.

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