April 2021 Angelscope

by Nicole Maiorano April 05, 2021

April 2021 Angelscope


ARIES (March 21 ~ April 19) Archangel Ariel

This month is all about you my Aries friend! You find yourself in a celebratory mood, with the new moon on the 11th in your birthday sign! This will find you with a break in your usual routine and stepping out with friends and even some travel! The new you may be sporting new big toys like a new car or even a new body, but you are feeling sassy as ever! Archangel Ariel indicates romantic prospects are stronger than ever throughout the month, but you won’t be feeling the amorous vibe until later in the month! Go with the flow Aries and enjoy the ride!!


TAURUS (April 20 ~ May 20) Archangel Chamuel

Just when you start to feel like you are back to normal… the wheel of restriction and limitation are back in your sphere of action, my Taurus friend. Your Archangel Chamuel agrees that your comfort zone is the place to be for a while and alone time could be just what you need. Relationships, especially with family may be on the mend in the early part of the month and friends may be a in a party mood around the new moon. Don’t put off joining in the fun, be cooperative you’ll have more fun joining in than making the plan!


GEMINI (May 21 ~ June 20) Archangel Zadkiel

The April new moon finds you at a bit impatient Gemini. Your Archangel Zadkiel is thrilled that this is making you more decisive than ever, but he warns you that decisive and bossy walk a fine line… Now is the time to take stock of all that you have going on personally and professionally. Start prioritizing these irons in the fire and start addressing each issue accordingly. Assertiveness is on your side now. If team building, learning something new or winning over your boss for new projects are on your list - NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SOAR!!


CANCER (June 21 ~ July 22) Archangel Gabriel

You may feel as though every time you engage with the world Cancer, life starts to more into fast-forward and you feel as though you’d rather hop off the ride and retreat. However, your social life can definitely use a pick-me-up. Archangel Gabriel shows you that many social opportunities arise this month… but asks you to just pick one or two so you don’t become too overwhelmed. Spend quality time with your significant other, don’t leave out the children. This is a perfect month to create some needed bonding time. Enjoy the added activities and company as things will start to slow down before the end of the month.


LEO (July 23 ~ August 22) Archangel Raziel

As spring rolls in and brings the earth back to life, Archangel Raziel helps you realize there is fuel for the fire instore for you Leo. Enjoy the heat while it lasts! You come alive with passion, energy, and resources to tackle your pet projects and tick things off your bucket list! Early in the month you will enjoy reconnecting with friends and loved ones as they are eager to reunite and may introduce you to prospective business or relationship partners. You’ll probably take off for the weekend of the new moon. Enjoy every minute of your getaway but be cautious of overspending on frivolous purchases.


VIRGO (August 23 ~ September 21) Archangel Metatron

Good news is on the horizon in your financial area Virgo. Continue your plan to pay down bills and expect a nice surprise around the 23rd. At work, you have moments of clarity as to how your associates work bringing the team environment to peak performance. Archangel Metatron advises you to be a leader not a follower. At home, a relationship where you thought you were making a break-through, falls into a holding pattern that could last up to six months. Use this time to help figure out where the block is so once you feel the block release you can jump right in to make a difference!


LIBRA (September 22 ~ October 22) Archangel Jophiel

Adventure is out there my Libra friend! It’s a perfect time to explore new places, ideas and topics of interest! Your planets are aligned in a harmonious aspect shining bright on your income and resources. It’s the best time to splurge on that big ticket item you’ve been saving for, a car, trip, an adventure! Archangel Jophiel urges you to ask questions, check the details, before jumping in with both feet! Try to hold off signing contracts until the 10th right before the new moon. Romance is in the air. It’s the right time to take a mini vacation with your significant other and for those single Libras, seek out compatible suitors. Enjoy the flow of positive communication and dance to the music of adventure!


SCORPIO (October 23 ~ November 22) Archangel Jeremiel 

Taxes seem to drive you nuts this month my Scorpio friend!! Money matters are up for review especially when it comes to having extra money. Gather all of your receipts careful not to forget to look in unexpected places for things that could be written off this year!! Interactions with friends and loved ones spur talks of planning a great vacation. Archangel Jeremiel explains that matters related to communication can prove to become stressful as pluto turns retrograde right after the full Scorpio moon at the end of the month.


SAGITTARIUS (November 21 ~ December 21) Archangel Raguel

Family members are the stars of the month for you my Sagittarian friend! Opportunities to bond over activities and outings spur conversations for a big family getaway. Archangel Raguel reveals positive flow in your financial area. Use your financial gain to plan a vacation that includes something for everyone. If you are a single Sag, you may find you will experience a lot more activity on the dating the scene or you may possibly book a singles cruise to stir up more action! It’s the perfect time for a spring fling to build into something more serious.


CAPRICORN (December 22, 2020 ~ January 19, 2021) Archangel Azreal

You can handle whatever life throws at you this month my Capricorn friend! Your Archangel Azreal warns that you may have to soothe some ruffled feathers in the beginning of the month. Tension and hurt feelings may arise causing you to do some soul searching in the beginning of the month. Co-workers and bosses want to hear your thoughts and ideas around the new moon on the 11th and which could lead to you accepting an invitation to chair a committee, become an officer in the corporation or lead a new group within the department. Your savvy way with budgeting assists you in finding the perfect pleasure trip that’s also easy on your wallet!


AQUARIUS (January 20 ~ February 18) Archangel Uriel

You can’t go wrong this month my Aquarian friend! Socializing and teamwork are abound this month. Getting together with friends and neighbors expand your social circle as you welcome newcomers helping them to acclimate to the group! Archangel Uriel celebrates your excellent rapport and teamwork at work that boosts the energy of everyone working with you. You reconnect with relatives and cousins far and near in the middle of the month, reminding you how necessary it is to stay connected. You may plan a visit to see far away relatives soon.


PISCES (February 19 ~ March 20) Archangel Sandalphon

Happily, Pisces, most relationships are cordial this month, especially with intimate partners. The new moon on the 11th shines prosperously in your house of income just in time as restlessness catches up with you this month. Perfecting timing for a spring getaway to feed your soul with self-love and in appreciation for all your unrelenting commitments on the work front. Archangel Sandalphon compels you to spread the seed of optimism where it counts and show appreciation for the many kind gestures coming your way. You will surely reap the rewards in three-fold.


Nicole Maiorano
Nicole Maiorano


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