January 2021 Angelscope

by Nicole Maiorano December 30, 2020

January 2021 Angelscope

2021 January Horoscope



As the first sign of the zodiac & a cardinal sign, you start the month off on a high note and hit the ground running! You will slowdown throughout the month as some of the things you are working on will be met with some resistance. Your angel, Ariel, is asking you to be patient. Divine intervention often slows us down for a reason! Pushing to hard to make things work just might make them worse! Take it slow toward the end of the month!! 




This fast pace life as 2021 enters the scene is not for you Taurus friend. You are not feeling quite yourself these days. Never Fear! Your angel, Chamuel, declares! Things are about to slow down to the more grounded steady pace you’re comfortable with and gives you a moment to step back and step out of the line of “crazy” so you can determine the best direction to go in this year... that slow down is exactly what you have needed for the past few months. Embrace it!




This definitely is going to be a whirlwind for you cancer, the energy of the moon in Virgo has you edgier than ever. You start the out the month with the feeling to communicate with diverse contacts for near and far with more frequency than usual. Your angel, Gabriel, pushes you to be more social with friends, family, and neighbors throughout the month. Perhaps a post-holiday trip with your significant other is in store to ring in the new year. You might be invited to collaborate on a project y someone who values your talent.




You start the year with a strong sense of anticipation, a feeling that discovery is in the air! There is potential for planning and learning. You feel like this month is starting out way to serious, but your angel Zadkiel is setting the tone for some major manifesting. Your wish list should overflow with endless possibilities; new Job, new place to live, new people in your life… your wish is your angels command… Socializing is what powers you this month, new events, connections make you a magnet for great people so get out there and make the right connections this month.




You start the year with determination so setting some 2021 goals for yourself is a great idea Leo! Your angel, Raziel, inspires you to open yourself up to love and setup future plans for sharing romantic moments or trips this year regardless of your current status. Manifest love and more fulfilling relationships this year. Even on the work front, connections, collaborations, and teamwork will peak around midmonth good news about projects or promotions will be delivered around the 3rd week so start putting all of your plans into action!! 




This is the year you create your dream organizational system Virgos! Once you rest up during the beginning of the month, your angel, Metatron, will push you to hit the ground running developing plans for the year and assigning projects and chores to make the most efficient use of your time, resources. Social engagements will be front and center midmonth while finances will take centerstage toward the end of the month making budgeting a ‘pet project’ through the end of the year.




The beginning of the year finds your brain spinning in overdrive Librans. You understand those in your inner circle want to know more about your thoughts! Your angel, Jophiel, reminds you that sharing them helps find creative solutions to obstacles you have faced over the past weeks. Fill your social calendar in the first to weeks of the month to fill your soul. Working on budget plans midmonth will allow yourself to splurge on something you’ve wanted by month’s end!




Scorpions you ring in 2021 with optimism for attracting abundance of spiritual insight, mental clarity, and romantic overtures! Something new may present itself if you are paying attention! Your Angel Jeremiel, reminds you, if you feel like something is missing, keep working toward opportunities. Introspection gives you a chance to take stock of your emotional and mental processes. Romantic opportunities may present themselves midmonth around the new moon and that is also a great time to negotiate financial contracts!




You start this year bursting at the seams with vivacity, as this month is amazing for you Sags!! Your guardian angel Raguel is letting you know there is a big boost from Venus in your sign this month and romance is in the air!! Happiness and contentment seem to rule the o9pening of 2021! Plan private tie for yourself and/or your significant other to stay grounded and deepen your bond you with your future goals. The 17th is particularly strong for bonding with others. Positive vibes in the finance area peak after the new moon on the 13th!!




You are literally in your element this month Capricorns, especially with ideas flowing for the new year! Be careful not to over think yourself out of great ideas! Enjoy visits from far friends midmonth, even if online or by phone. Your angel, Azrael, brings a boost to your self-esteem toward the the end of the month as praise from your bosses and colleagues pour in for your ideas and suggestions that help them set team goals. There are big changes for you on the work front this year! Expect more money in 2021!




Your theme in 2021, Aquarians, is DREAM BIG! Your angel, Uriel, is letting you know, whatever you want is yours for the asking! Start by making small changes, take a new route, try ta new recipe, shift your way of thinking about something familiar… Take inventory of your assets, qualifications, desires, desired salary, and dream job. Don’t hesitate to contact your network and leaders in your field of interest. Advise them of your desires and availability. Move forward with plans midmonth around the new moon. Your social life will pick up around the end of the month – that is your time to shine!!





You start out the new year just how you like it Pisceans, with a full social calendar!! Be sure to give yourself a few days of rest to recover from the holiday festivities and check your calendar that you are not overbooking important events. Your guardian angel, Sandalphon, informs you that the new moon on 13th opens doors for meeting inspiring people who are enthusiastic to meet and work with you. Share ideas and plans to work together and see them come to fruition by mid-month. You and your special someone plan a winter getaway around the 9th.

Nicole Maiorano
Nicole Maiorano


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